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CMS management of LED lights will save electricity Liu Cheng

        According to British media recently reported that the British government councils in Kent (KCC) has agreed within the jurisdiction of the county to replace all 120,000 streetlights for the integration of modern computer technology, automatic control technology, communications technology, sensor technology and the latest achievements in human-computer technology LED lights under the centralized management system (CMS) control (light emitting diode).
Reported that the LED lighting system renovation project will make KCC street lighting electricity generated will reduce to 60%, and this also means that the KCC renovation project so that each resident within the jurisdiction of district roads will be at nightfall when the light can shine. LED lighting system will automatically adjust the amplitude of the light according to natural light conditions, in order to achieve the best energy-saving effect.
Application of LED lighting control system under CMS technology will enable KCC to pay £ 40 million in procurement costs, this is a huge expenditure for pen KCC is concerned, but through government procurement, KCC can get the money to make a greater social and economic benefits. KCC is responsible for LED lights procurement project responsible person, social Needless to say, from the economic benefits in terms of energy-saving lamps can maximize energy savings in government spending, and saving a considerable amount of maintenance costs. Therefore, KCC even under limited financial resources but also to ensure the procurement LED lighting system renovation project successfully completed.
Reported that, taking into account the progress KCC budget allocation and financial ability to pay and other factors, procurement LED lighting system may or early next year from the end of the year to start and go through about three years time to finalize. According to KCC's plan, to be divided in two phases of the project forward. First of all residents within the jurisdiction will be the first home in front of the street lights replaced with LED and lighting systems on both sides of the main road and within the jurisdiction of the central city replaced all LED lights. This two-stage task to go through more than three years to have been completed.
KCC Cabinet member responsible for the environment and transport David Brazier said: "We are in the Kent police followed up on a regular basis that, since the introduction of the night part of Kent street lighting systems since the crimes occurred in Kent showing downward trend. Meanwhile, polls also show that the vast majority of residents in Kent, I hope the Government can introduce night lighting system for all roads and public places, which can greatly reduce the crime rate, and provide travel convenience for the people. Taking into account factor in environmental protection and low-carbon energy, Kent decided to introduce LED lighting systems. Compared with traditional LED lighting system, the new system was introduced under the control of the CMS, CMS can effectively control the energy consumption for the public to provide more humane light. "

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