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See car lights the light distribution performance, it's important that you know it?

      Recently, AQSIQ announced the automotive lighting product quality national supervision reports. Sampling results show, as automotive lighting products automotive active safety of the most basic and most important part of one of its photometric characteristics of the project failed to become an important product failed projects. Car lamps with light performance refers to what? What are the requirements? What harm will bring failure?
"Photometric performance automotive lighting products, the most important technical and quality indicators, automotive lighting products, the most basic and important properties is its light performance, which is light in the spatial distribution of automotive lighting issue." National Car Quality Inspection Center engineer, said Zhao Bin, automotive lighting products according to their applications can be divided into two categories, namely, lighting equipment and signaling devices. Driving in the process according to the different needs of different functions for the automotive lamps with different light performance, the distribution of light emitted in its space varies. Within the effective range of spatial light distribution features include standard requires each region of space or angle intensity distribution, the lights of different functional requirements of its spatial extent, spatial region and the angle of light powerful little different.
Data show that the information obtained in the course of driving the driver 90% comes from visual perception, and the total mileage of the vehicle is at 25 percent and natural night light situations traveling, but between this happened to cause bodily injuries accounted for 33 percent of traffic accidents, and 50% of deaths occur at night. Light fixtures directly affect the performance of the car driving safety of the vehicle, and traffic safety is directly related to automotive lighting is therefore a major automotive active safety components. Mandatory vehicle regulations and standards in the world, and automotive lighting regulations and standards related to the mandatory 1/4 of the total amount.
"Poor quality automotive lighting not only fail to provide good lighting for the driver, reach a good signal exchange purposes, and prone to strong dazzling other road users, cause accidents." Zhao Bin, for example, if the headlamp irradiation distance on the road, irradiation width is not enough, in the absence of street lighting situations, circumstances may cause the driver can not see the road ahead and the surrounding pavement, not to discover the obstacles and non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians, easily lead to corresponding accident; if excessive headlight brightness anti-glare zone when traveling easier on the other side of the vehicle facing serious dazzling effects, resulting in a short period of blinding the other vehicle driver, can not see the road ahead, causing a traffic accident.
'Cause substandard performance car lamps with light due to a number of factors are important, technology, production processes and management, quality and safety awareness. "Zhao Bin said that the headlight, rear fog lamps, retro-reflector and other functions automotive lighting design requires a higher capacity and production processes throughout the product process also requires a higher level of management, many domestic small businesses in design, technology, manufacturing process control is often not meet the requirements of the product. Meanwhile, the lack of emphasis on the production of enterprises manufacturing processes and product quality control, especially in some of the small and medium enterprises, outdated production equipment, lack of professional knowledge and standards, shoddy, resulting in poor quality. Some companies lax management, does not perform the appropriate product standards, do not follow the process of production, mainly the consistency of production management. Some consumers are not high quality awareness, safety consciousness, just pay attention to the price, do not pay attention to product quality, product is the car headlights do not realize the basic security components, which will directly or indirectly affect the quality of automotive lamps.
Car lamps with light substandard performance will bring a lot of security risks, then how to avoid it? Zhao Bin said, first, car users have a good sense of safety when buying a vehicle to be more concerned about the safety performance of vehicles, as well-known purchase brand or reputation of a good brand vehicles. Secondly, the process of using a vehicle late, if the lights malfunction or damage, try to 4S shop maintenance or purchase custom made regular brand lights. Furthermore, the purchase of the product to check whether the lights 3C logo on the lights. While in the course of the vehicle, try not to carry out the lights, modified, non-professional conversion light performance is likely to result in failure.
Consumers should also be careful not to feel free to add any component affecting the propagation of light lights, if lights damaged, try to 4S shops or informal channels to buy the same model of the original light source replacement. In the usual course, try to avoid headlight casing wear, clean wash lights, avoid leaving lights with light performance decline and increase dazzling lights dirty. "It is important that, in the normal course, to the proper use of lights. As in the case of the absence of severe rain and fog Do not open the rear fog lamp, in urban driving and the vehicle will be reasonable to use the car headlights and promptly switched beam lights. "Zhao Bin said that now is not the proper use of these two phenomena lights very much, especially the high beam of abuse is extremely serious.
Zhao Bin also said that consumers buy auto lamps, can largely determine the quality of the lights from the appearance of the product quality, such as careful observation of lamps with light microscopy, there should be no high temperature deformation or excessive bubbles. For headlights or fog lights should be carefully inspected before the mirror surface of the lamp is complete clean inside. At the same time, the lamp can be hand jiggle determine whether the firm is secured inside the lamp, but also pay attention to the car headlights and front fog confirm whether the adjustment screw behind the normal adjustment

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