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Taiwan nearly 1 billion yuan renovation LED Street Light

       Last year, Taiwan's Executive Yuan approved in time before the election Jiuhe Yi "mercury street sunset plan," Minister of Economic Affairs in Taiwan zhuo shi zhao yesterday (25) days to attend the exhibition at the Taiwan International Lighting Technology speech, said the Ministry of Economy grants each year and next County municipal funds totaled 5.49 billion yuan, before the end of next phasing out mercury use LED street lights, saving 640 million degrees, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 330,000 tons.
Taiwan's Executive Yuan, the province intends to replace its 694,000 LED lights, Philips first branched out into Taiwan LED street lamp market, already active layout, Everlight, Delta, light forest and Hershey and other manufacturers also have won the past two years LED lights more than standard case.
CLP is the traditional lighting manufacturers, began nearly 2,3 years branched out into LED lighting, street lamps in mercury scored nearly 2 percent market share, occupies the highest in the industry, participating in LED lights standard case, nature is gearing up to try it. Taiwan yesterday to attend the debut of the International Lighting Technology Exhibition, an exhibition of the LED module factories, offices, classrooms and residential series LED intelligent lighting products, CLP Wengfang Yu, deputy general manager, said the power LED lighting proportion of total revenue last year Only 15 percent this year, active layout LED lighting, street lighting and physical interconnection market, but also to participate in the government of mercury street sunset plan, hopes to achieve market penetration level of 20 to 30 percent.

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