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Thailand urged to recommend the use of energy-efficient LED lamps family

        Recently, the Department of Energy, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Thailand wow Lat Tower said, according to the survey found that the cost of the national energy use accounts for 18-20 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP), and I hope people review their own energy consumption, good energy conservation.
Wow Lat Tower said he hoped people can check their own electricity bill back, kitchen gas and petrol and other costs, will consume these energy costs are added together, if more than 20% of household income, indicating their own energy consumption has exceeded the national average.
For example, a person's household income is 10,000 baht, but the energy consumption of more than 2,000 baht, it means that the family needs saving. Wow Lat Tower said, exceeding the national average energy consumption of the public should immediately change habits, do a good job saving work, such as turning off lights, turn off electricity.
Wow Lat Tower, said, especially after the summer before the holiday Songkran, hot weather, power consumption, but also need a good job saving, including the lamp house to the 5th or LED energy saving lamp tube; when buying electrical appliances, the best choice for energy-efficient appliances.
In addition, the Department of Energy recommends that people pay attention to air conditioning and electrical treatments, air filters should be cleaned frequently to ensure that low-load operation of the air conditioning; the purchase of new appliances choose a No. 5 logo saving appliances, such appliances in addition to energy savings, quality has been well protected.

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