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Overpass Lighting Design of Urban Landscape Lighting

         Each overpass distinctive, and therefore during overpass landscape lighting design, to understand the cultural background of the overpass, the main characteristics and unique style of personality, established the dominant lighting design ideas and themes to the performance of the selected focus needs to render site. Overpass with light to show a different personality.
Overpass bridge pier by the general, the main bridge, bridge railing components. Landscape lighting should be based on the characteristics of the bridge, using appropriate sources and fixtures, choose the best illumination angle, enabling overpass theme to be more fully realized. Various bridge components require different expression.
Bridge guardrail
Fence is usually required lighting rendering place, you can show the entire overpass style, the whole show on the overpass has great significance. There are two ways you can take: one is to use continuous lines like luminous outline the contours of the fence; Another method is to be installed at some distance of a point light source, which not only lays out the outline of the fence, but also gives a lively feel.
Selection of point light sources do fence decoration, the use of LED light source is generally a light source. There are a variety of sources, you can use optical fiber, cold cathode, fluorescent tube or LED (light emitting diode) light source. These types of light sources in the actual project have chosen.
When selecting a linear luminous body decoration bridge guardrail, can also have a variety of forms. For example, you can use color (red or yellow, etc.) can also be used and white colors (such as red and yellow), or through a computer controller to achieve a fixed blinking, random blinking, alternating gradient flashing, chasing, and other changes in the flow of colors form, the whole bridge area full of dynamic.
Bridge guardrail
The main bridge is the most important part of the bridge, the bridge of the soul, and therefore make it necessary to use lighting performance. The greatest feature is its deck with its top of the railing and down the bridge opening in stark contrast, this contrast between the actual situation of lighting performance, is the positioning of the deck side lighting effects, but also the entire bridge facade lighting design the goal. Bridge sidewall lighting with a variety of lighting techniques to choose from, now commonly used basically in two ways: One way is to floodlighting, this way you can make the whole bridge sidewall get full performance by the lights from a distance up very spectacular; another way is to use beautiful bridge sidewall installation light, through the side wall of the vehicle to highlight the bridge lights, lamps are subject. In the use of floodlighting scheme when large power during the day, in a very clear position lamps, poor aesthetics; the bridge all night so no one left to illuminate the whole, there is no sense of hierarchy, lack of performance. The landscape is now increasingly focused on its artistic lighting effects, the performance of the bridge landscape lighting is not confined to cast light in Zhongshan Gate overpass sidewall landscape lighting uses a linear lamps for light, light is the ordinary fluorescent tubes, lamps mounted in the side wall of the bridge, more subtle, does not affect the daytime landscape, night landscape effect is also good.
Bridge column
Bridge column with people closest members, it is the main carrier of the overpass at the bottom of the landscape. Whether traveling along the bridge side of the roads, or walk through the bridge, overpass pillars are not part of the neglected landscape lighting design. In the performance characteristics of the column at night, generally use metal halide floodlights --- light, showing a firm and majestic bridges, also showed its distinctive features. Used as a large area floodlight, metal halide light source is good, because it's the color is better, higher color temperature of the light source in its outer plus colored filters, you can get the desired color.
Case Study
The world's most beautiful bridges are used for lighting that will bridge the way to show the beauty of its structure, the overpass was no exception, when lit bridge to the main structure and smooth performance, the performance of structural mechanics relations for The main approach, the choice of the overall color LED wall washer, rendering the continuity of the bridge, and sketched out the graceful curve of the bridge and majestic momentum, highlighting the bridge structure, showing the continuity of the road to make it a beautiful landscape makeup of the city skyline at night .
Overpass circling each other from a single cross to many forms, can not help but take up a lot of urban land, this land is where the use of city parks, sometimes to introduce human activity, so the lighting both human activity is another important factor. "Stephen word 288 of Light" Hill overpass tailored for December, both considered the bridge between man and car viewing angles, also taking into account the bridge between man and car viewing angle, together constitute the bridge structure rhythm of the night landscape .
Lighting an overpass
"Stephen word 288 of Light": the use of advanced energy-saving LED lights and T5 lamps, there are seven kinds of variable color, full use of intelligent control system is flexible control mode, play controllable LED light source characteristics to facilitate the management, effective save energy.
Overpass lighting 2
Application of new technologies:
The program actively adopt new technologies, new materials, new processes, new equipment. Reducing the project cost, can be appropriate to shorten the construction period, combined with our experience and the advantages of using a high degree of protection, easy to install, easy to maintain, energy security, security, priority to reduce light pollution lamps. Implementation of the urban landscape lighting centralized monitoring and sharing control mode, efforts to reduce power consumption. By light control, time control, and several control combined control mode.

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