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LED prices continue to decline Maori exactly when the bottom?

            Dark clouds continue to hang over the industry, the market was relatively quiet. Reporters recently visited a number of LED lighting manufacturers, reduced production lines, control costs, expand the channels to become the topic of most conversations, generally reflect the difficult market today Nanzhuan money, profit margins have continued to decline. In the cost has been difficult to continue compression, the market does not seem to buy it, the price dropped lower and lower, large-scale production and technology continues to improve an enterprise to seize the last straw, so the question is, LED prices Exactly when the bottom?
With LED lamp, for example, the reporter access to the previous month (April) Taobao sales data discovery, 5-7 yuan even lower price range segment has significantly increased sales accounted for 15-20 million range segment has become the majority buy home acceptable price levels, the overall commodity distribution significantly lower unit price. And reflected in the first-line stores, although the brand price gap between large, but It reflects the business, there are a number of brand manufacturers intended to lower the price of a single product launch.
Taobao data .jpg
LED lighting product prices have been on the bottom of the sound seems to continue for years, but the development of LED technology continues to pull down the price from a high altar, this year, as prices continued to fall and the rapid increase in labor and other costs, LED case lighting companies generally low net profit margin, LED lighting product prices will continue downward trend is still?
Everlight Lighting general manager Li Jiannan think, LED price decline will not last, the fastest will bottom out by the end of this year, the face of price towards stability, scale enterprises in reducing the cost advantage that small businesses are facing a market squeeze continues eliminated, to the giant industrial enterprises are concentrated.
On the one hand small businesses facing financial chain, supply chain tension ushered closures, on the other hand Osram, Philips and other international companies have said it would release part of the lighting business, profit margins continued to decline reflected in the market downturn became clear, Li Jiannan think, LED industry is highly competitive, cost control space in the increasingly narrow, product gross margin decreased, the relative influence of the brand, product actual premium rate is not high, resulting in a number of brands of contraction, which in fact will further LED prices put pressure on the bottom.
Xuwen Peng, chairman of electric lighting industry believes, LED price now has entered the lowest position, the possibility of continuing decline is unlikely. He said, lighting modules, only the lamp beads, power prices are still a downward trend, but actually fell space is very limited, and lack of motivation, the next competition will no longer be price competition, but resources and competitive capital.
Whenever LED prices bottomed, it is foreseeable that the price war has often common not last long, the entire LED industry, the competitive situation has been gradually changing, disorderly extensive competitive order is to scale the brand transition, as a business who, for the next development to make proper preparations already appear more urgent.

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