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2015 global LED lighting market estimated $ 25.65 billion

         Global LED commercial lighting market continues to grow, among which the lamp and integrated commercial lighting market development especially exciting, LEDinside estimates 2015 global LED lighting market size of $ 25.65 billion, of which the lamp output value reached 3.44 billion US dollars while integrated commercial lighting (panel lights and Troffer) compared to $ 450 million.
TrendForce's Green Energy Dept. LEDinside latest "Silver Members: commercial lighting - lamps and integrated lighting market," the report shows that the global LED commercial lighting market continues to grow, estimated in 2015 the global LED lighting market size of $ 25.65 billion wherein the lamp output value reached 3.44 billion US dollars, while the integrated commercial lighting (panel lights and Troffer) compared to $ 450 million.
LEDinside research assistant manager Wu Ying Jie said that in 2014 production volume shipments of the lamp and the lamp integrated business, significant growth compared with 2013, causing prices to fall rapidly, affecting the promotion effect dealer path. However, this situation will be significantly improved in 2015, mainly due to the cost structure of the lamp gradually stabilized, and gradually increase the degree of standardization conducive to sales, reduce inventory risk.
If on the national market, the US major manufacturers are actively developing LED lighting business, LED lighting products accounted for the rise, but also launched many new products LED commercial lighting, and gradually began to new applications wisdom and optical communications development . LEDinside estimates 2015 US overall LED lighting market size of $ 5.33 billion, of which lighting the lamp and integrated business accounting for about 14.3%; while the Japanese market preferences introduction of high efficiency products, hoping to low current drives to conserve power effect, but the drawback is that the product must be placed more luminous flux LED package to meet required standards, product prices will increase.
Wu Ying Jie said that in addition to high-efficiency lamps and lighting, commercial lighting strategy in Japan is more flexible, with high color rendering and lighting design and wireless control, dimming tinting system introduced, an adjustment can be more than a hundred lamps, energy-saving and lighting concepts heights, the product can be applied to a wider range of commercial space. Such as Panasonic, Toshiba, Endo and Iris Ohyama are introduced high-efficiency lamps and luminaires integrated business.
As for Europe, along with the economic recovery, driven by consumer confidence and enhance the lighting industry demand, LEDinside estimates 2015 European LED lighting market is expected to reach $ 5.507 billion. In the euro and logistics cost considerations, the European lighting manufacturers began producing its own lighting products, or seek the nearest Eastern Europe such as Poland and other places of lighting plant for manufacturing, driven by manufacturing in Europe (Made in Europe) concept, in order to stimulate the market overseas, provide an opportunity for local lighting manufacturers to expand overseas markets. On the other hand, Asian foundries are subject to the requirements of European lighting manufacturers slashed prices, in the case of profit suffered compression, some Asian foundries have begun to actively promote its own brand to reduce the pressure to cut prices to get rid of dependence Europe foundry orders.

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