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LED grow lights, make vegetables more healthy

          For now, LED plant growth chamber has been widely used in scientific research, ecological research, I'm coming, breeding and genetic research in areas such as agriculture, plant cultivation it is an ideal test equipment seed germination, seedlings, tobacco, animals, insects and other research . So, what is the LED plant growth chambers it?
Changsha mechanized instrument mentioned biotechnology, LED plant growth chambers, also known as LED artificial climate chamber or LED plant incubator, is a light-emitting diode technology and plant physiological status monitoring technology perfect combination of product. LED plant growth chambers LED lighting applications, and can be an incubator plant in real time. LED plant growth chambers not only the temperature, humidity and light time can be programmed control parameters can also be regulated more light frequency, intensity, wavelength, etc., it can be built into real clinical testing various sensors inside the environment.
Compared with the general plant growth chambers, LED plant growth chambers clear what advantage? Changsha Fully biological pointed instrument, LED plant growth chambers microcomputer PID control, the use of non-contact SSR, especially user-friendly design, as well as in English bilingual system; the use of CF recording system that can record box each time data changes, also has a USB jack, an external device; it's lighting system uses LED light source, low power consumption, the use of ordered long, each disk red, blue and far infrared three-band LED light source composed of, other wavelength light source options; growth chamber two slots two-door cabinet LED plant is relatively independent, it can control the growth conditions.
Remember the famous poem by Tao called "mining Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain", in fact, the kind of simple life are the envy of everyone, but now, the city's pollution and food safety concern, but also a growing rural land The fewer, so people want to grow their own food to eat healthy point is very easy. However, LED plant growth chambers appears, it allows many people to taste the fresh vegetables.
This compact LED plant growth chambers, not appearance, is particularly suitable for home use. You play LED lights, broken dishes ridge, is ready to harvest various species of plants growing vegetable species in the box, which first started in Japan, because of the small area of ​​Japan, so they do not have land to grow vegetables, only use irrigated The way to control environmental factors, plant growth box can grow a lot of good variety of vegetables.

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