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Intelligent LED lighting into a new direction

         With the entry of the lighting industry technical threshold and getting low entry capital requirements, the price of LED lighting has also been pulled down, foreign lighting companies who have to adjust its strategy to develop the professional lighting market segments, want to increase the added value of the illumination of a single product where intelligent lighting things under is a top priority. Changes in LED industry, making rare metals associated with indium, germanium, gallium and other long-term market demand will see stability.
Samsung Electronics withdrew outside Korea LED lighting market
As the industry outlook bleak, Samsung Electronics inform its partners in North America and Europe in the near future, we will terminate LED lighting business. However, the South Korean local LED lighting business will be retained. Samsung Electronics said that the future business will focus on LED chip package and a backlight for the amount of digital cameras and components production.
Market participants had expected Samsung Electronics to exit overseas LED lighting business, noting that Samsung LED business in the overseas market performance continues to decline not only for the Chinese competitors' prices is fiercely competitive, global lighting business has long been the European lighting manufacturers such as Philips of the Netherlands one of the reasons (Philips NV) and Germany OSRAM (Osram AG) monopoly.
Philips lighting is stripped from the Philips Group
As early as last September 23, Royal Philips Group announced the group to split into two companies of health technology and lighting, and share the Philips brand. The lighting industry is currently in a microcosm of the process of change, the spin-off may only LED industry transitions. LED coerced many enterprises toward positive change for the foreseeable future.
The advent of LED lighting opportunities for change, namely the advent of "intelligent Internet light" era. LED technology coincided with the change of life in the digital age, with the development of the Internet, things are improving, mobile intelligent terminals and other technology, all sorts of advancing to life digitization opens up good space, but also to the lighting business It brought a lot of imagination.
OSRAM promote corporate restructuring general lighting business split
Under the plan, general lighting business will be spun off as an independent enterprise operations, enabling it to market better, more flexible implementation of a number of strategic decisions including partners, including policy. The optoelectronic semiconductor, automotive lighting and specialty lighting, and lighting, lighting systems and solutions will form the future core business Osram.
Samsung has introduced a new open platform for intelligent lighting
Samsung said the platform will LED light source, control systems and networks together in series, so that the lamp can more easily be converted into intelligent lighting, creating more possible; through networking platform, including the integration capabilities, hardware, network and sensors and other functions, and applied to collect data and create new applications.
Samsung also understand can not rely on their own strength alone, it is also pursuing this model, industry partners are invited to join in the hope that by the partners to accelerate the development of intelligent lighting systems, the target smart lighting into everyday life, and reduce energy consumption.
Philips, Osram, GE and other giants layout LED intelligent lighting market
In the Internet age, the prevalence of cross-border in all areas, industry sectors and other sectors cross-penetration boundary between industry and the industry is gradually blurred. Intelligent lighting into the Internet era, the enterprise is the development of epitaxial growth pattern, with the integration of resources, pushing cooperation? In recent years, in the layout to open up the way, some of the communications operators, electricity suppliers appliances, LED lighting and other giants, By form alliances, agreements, investment, cooperation in trying to compete for entrance bundling smart home.
Intelligent Lighting Why so "popular"
Intelligent lighting refers to the use of computers distributed wireless telemetry, wireless data transmission, spread spectrum power line carrier communication technology, computer information processing and intelligent energy-saving electrical control technology component, remote control, remote communication to control the system. Having a light intensity adjustment brightness, light soft start, timing control, scene settings and other functions; and to achieve the desired characteristics. Compared with the traditional lighting, intelligent lighting can achieve security, energy efficiency, comfort, efficiency purposes, so intelligent lighting in the home areas, office areas, commercial areas and public facilities have better field development prospects.
Rare is expected to multiply by the wind
Intelligent lighting need to use a variety of voice, electronic control and light control sensor, the core component is a semiconductor material, the current mainstream and new materials are silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide, indium antimonide, lead telluride, cadmium sulfide, etc. . Mainly for the manufacture of power-sensitive, heat-sensitive, light-sensitive, magnetic, radiation-sensitive and other sensors. LED light consists of a compound containing gallium, arsenic, phosphorus, nitrogen and other made, when the electron and hole recombination can radiate visible light, which can be used to make light-emitting diodes. GaAs diodes emitting red light, green light emitting diode gallium phosphide, silicon carbide diode hair yellow, gallium nitride diode emits blue light. Due to the chemical nature of the organic light emitting diode OLED is divided and inorganic light emitting diode LED. LED lighting chips as raw materials, gallium and other rare metals are also expected to take this LED industry changes "Dongfeng" get more attention, thereby increasing their value. Future, with the trend of intelligent LED lighting into the mainstream, the demand potential of metallic gallium will not be ignored. Pan-Asian non-ferrous Exchange since 2012 began trading the metal gallium, its trading volume and stock volume continues to rise, the current inventory of 197.56 tons, the annual output of two-thirds of the country, effectively convert excess inventory corporate working capital, and to achieve better resource configuration. In the case of long-term growth in demand for the metal gallium see steady, Pan-Asian non-ferrous metals exchange will be an important platform for the supply and regulation, both to protect the resources to avoid the loss of a large number of low-cost resources, but also play a stabilizing role in the market price.

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