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Which O2O electricity supplier best suited to LED lighting industry?

           O2O lighting industry this year is relatively hot topic of speculation. Throughout the existing O2O mode, there are self-built platform, but also relies on other platforms, have their own play, but also pushing into play. But what kind of model is a good business model? I think the core business model is serving others, and only man to bring a better experience and service, only complements the existing model is a good business model.
To give consumers a good shopping experience
O2O model leverages Internet geographies, without borders, vast amounts of information, massive user advantages, while fully tap the resources offline, and then facilitate transactions both online and offline users of goods and services, buy O2O is typical.
For users: do not go out, you can easily understand the online business information and comprehensive description of the services provided, there has been a review of consumer customers can learn; online consultation can communicate directly through the network, reducing customer's cost of sales; and line On appointment, personalized custom, home services, etc., the customer can get a better shopping experience.
Giving consumers more realistic prices
In addition to experience, consumers are more likely to care about the price. O2O advantage because it can directly implement the brand to consumers, reduce intermediate links, the price is cheap, easy to buy and discount information timely informed. In addition, the use of O2O model greatly expand sales channels, but also reduce the cost of marketing businesses. Energy saved could increase investment in improving services and to improve product quality, sales price of such natural advantages.
Bring innovation to existing modalities
First, make full use of social resources. For example, Uber is a typical example. It allows you to buy a cell phone to take a private car service applications. The way it works is as follows: Download Uber application, a request to issue a taxi; a private car arrived within a few minutes in front of you (the GPS application can track the location of private cars); you can choose to use private cars bike; you can also check per car to you that the distance traveled road map; payments and gratuities by credit card automatically. Although the cost is higher than the price of a taxi, but it is comfortable and quick taxi to none. Obviously it is due to give the taxi industry has brought significant innovation, and therefore have a strong competitive edge.
For example, buy lamps, quality, design, installation, service and other issues consumers are more concerned about, if the lighting industry through the integration of all resources can be one-stop solution, online booking, home design, site installation help electricity supplier industry "final one kilometer, "so that the fastest delivery of goods to consumers, which would be welcomed by consumers, especially.

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