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LED lighting dealers how to deal with troubled pricing strategy?

          From the perspective of overall marketing, pricing strategy is an important part of the marketing strategy.
Affordable or not directly related to the market acceptance of products, affecting the market of goods, involving the interests of producers, operators, consumers and other aspects.
Price sensitive and because not arbitrarily developed, is complicated by the development of prices, not because the calculation of costs and profits of the difficulties, but because of the price but also by the impact of the development of non-cost factors, such as consumer demand and consumer preferences, The price level of alternative products and pricing strategies of competitors, changes in the price adjustment after impact and image position in the enterprise market share.
Therefore, the development of enterprise pricing strategy must take into account all the factors affecting. But a general rule, the highest price of the product depends on market demand, the lowest price depends on the cost of the goods.
Price effects of supply and demand, supply and demand also affect the price, this relationship is called the law of supply and demand. The law of supply and demand suggest that fluctuations in product supply and demand regulate prices, price volatility caused by supply and demand, supply and demand and price changes in the opposite direction to form a circular.
Real market operation, the market laws of supply and demand will determine the direction and extent of changes in the market price changes, determine the deviation from the value of the direction of price movement. In short supply, the price direction of movement toward high value on the basis of; oversupply, the price changes of direction toward a low value on the basis of. The extent of the imbalance between supply and demand and determine the extent of deviation price and value.
Market performance lighting products, typically is caused by excess capacity oversupply. In the product homogeneity of background conditions, price volatility due to non-cost factors to consider is the focus on the larger issues.
Out of price problems, accurately speaking:
We should change attitudes are beginning to rely on low-cost, low-priced products and then refused to pursue wrongdoing highlighting their competitiveness, and finally dared to bargain from inertia to enhance the ability for users to set up to use the program.
Efforts to extend the focus on improving the technical service and after-sales service. Otherwise, you only have to accept the reality of being eliminated in the price of the tangle.

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