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Five hundred cities Smart City pilot pulled intelligent lighting needs

Recently, single Zhiguang, deputy director of the State Information Center Information Research Department in Hangzhou disclosed that the state is building a smart city intersectoral coordination mechanisms and monitoring and evaluating mechanisms to develop the capacity and effectiveness of the evaluation system of the wisdom of the city, in order to strengthen the guidance and supervision of the wisdom of the city and effectiveness throughout the wisdom of urban construction is subject to national recognition.
It is reported that China has more than 500 cities, Smart City pilot, and have introduced a plan accordingly, we plan to invest over trillion, now has released three batches of Smart City pilot. From a practical effect, the wisdom of the city in the field of urban transport, healthcare, government administration and achieved extensive results.
According to the single Zhiguang, the State Development and Reform Commission since last October the lead in coordinating 25 ministries, the establishment of inter-ministerial coordination working group to promote the healthy development of smart cities, the Working Group has begun to hold regular inter-ministerial and expert meetings, emphasizing rational and pragmatic work and to study the wisdom of urban construction and "along the way", the integration of Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River economic belt construction and other development combine efforts to promote the standardization and wisdom of urban construction.
"The current inter-ministerial coordination working group is building smart city coordination mechanisms and monitoring mechanisms for cross-sectoral assessment." Single Zhiguang said, "The future of the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology and other ministries will be carried out throughout the construction of smart city inspection results were."
500 smart city pilot, will be conducive to stimulating smart lighting, smart home market demand, for the past two years involved in LED intelligent lighting, intelligent home business is undoubtedly a good news. However, how to become a smart city project benefited LED business troubles. Currently wisdom to create the city's main source of funding has three aspects: First, the government investment, mainly in infrastructure; Second, business investment, PPP model (public-private partnerships) is a typical case; Third, financial institutions. The PPP model is the primary means of LED business smart city project eating piece of cake.
Before PPP mode, EMC mode once in LED enterprise hot moment, but as the government issued a document to cancel the contract energy management (EMC mode) subsidies to develop the PPP model, many LED enterprises quickly EMC mode to PPP mode. However, PPP mode for the LED business, cash flow pressure is very large, only financial strength of large enterprises or listed companies can afford. In fact, PPP model is a variant of EMC model, PPP model is their investment + government, higher Amount: EMC up to more than 10 million, PPP mode can be a billion dollars.

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