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LED stocks spread to global stock market crash Cree, Epistar market value evaporated half

Lu shares slumped more than shock, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the three major indexes fell, LED stocks were killed disk center, Epistar, Everlight record low yesterday after another band, this wave of global stock market crash LED stocks are suffering , Cree, Epistar market value evaporated nearly half a year, 25 billion yuan billion light facing the battle, remaining Taiwanese manufacturers Ronda, East Bay and other shares in this week came to a new low level band.
The mainland's largest wafer plant three optical wave suspension is added to the history of the largest wave of significant events planned by the company, suspended from trading on the 8th, has become a leading indicator LED suspension of a company.
LED plant since the fourth quarter of last year, entered the inventory adjustment period, Ju material LED backlight requirement prior year is not busy season, after the price war LED lighting to guide supply chain downward price adjustment, plus chips surface facing the Taiwan stock market this week has been interference , LED stocks internal and external, hit the market value of the performance of major plant, the largest group Everlight LED, Epistar yesterday before dropping to a new low in intraday trading came to 33.95 yuan, respectively, 55.7 yuan, crystal power market capitalization fell below 40 billion yuan formal integer mark, only 39.381 billion yuan, 24.572 billion yuan billion light also wrote a record, compared with July last year, Epistar market value almost halved.
Not only domestic leading factory in trouble, can not stay out of international manufacturers, Cree currently faltering in the North American market, the price war has swung between the heel and not with, but the Cree from the beginning of the fourth quarter of last year, the mainland LED lights standard case is not as expected, not only the impact of the company's high-power chip profit this year, coupled with the bulb price war, even if the price has not fallen below the cost of change, Cree has become the first production of LED factory, the company a market capitalization of $ 2.71 billion, equivalent to NT about 81.3 billion yuan, but the control last July, Cree shares as well as $ 50 yesterday, leaving only $ 24.87, equivalent to half the market value evaporated.

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