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Europe and the peak season for lights LED industry is expected to boom in August comeback

Taiwan LED factory revenue in June and then motivate the new wave of killing drive, index stocks have been hit a new low band, although in July the price of LED lighting is still pressure, but LED packaging plants have been shouted from June to July the economy will hit bottom With Europe and 10 to 12 months for light season debut, in August will be those firms boom comeback.
LED packaging factory that this year because of weak demand for LED backlight, with LED lighting deep price war, resulting in LED chip prices in the second quarter fell 10 percent in previous years, the low chip prices generally fall in the fourth quarter of the Lunar New Year ~ the first quarter next year, industry into the traditional off-season cycle, causing prices to enter a seasonal decline. Decline in the second quarter to expand, although the impact of supply chain revenue in June, July, is also not expected to bottoming out, but the price bottom has little room, packaging factory judgment, the economy, the price may be in the 6 to 7 Monthly bottoming.
The packaging factory prices bottomed judgment is based, Europe-lamping season in 10 to 12 months, with the pace of the coming season, the supply chain must prepare for in advance before this; the other is the mainland as an important lighting market, responsible for digestion The huge capacity of the sea heavy responsibility, but mainland lighting module prices have been record low, should be regarded as price signals will soon stop bleeding. Everlight currently include, the East Bay are pointing in August may be the first observation point.
In the LED backlight side is relatively weak, from the terminal market, mobile phones, NB, TV sales this year are not good news, TV and even international competitions because of the lack incentive, the global market size also slightly revised this year to add up demand only passable, LED backlight may exhibit L-type movements.
As for the North American major brands of the price war, since the prices have been lower than the energy-saving lamps, LED lamps facelift means consumers no longer need be considered. Even factory price has been bloody stage and Philips, GE, Cree has three major brands on the market share in circulation, but the path from the case promotional products have been selling, the packaging factory that the market demand is already taking off Undoubtedly.
TAIEX aftermath of this week in Europe, negative factors such as land and stocks slumped off Greece, LED stocks also become the focus of kill disc, Epistar, Everlight, Ronda, the East Bay and other index stocks, were seen in the band to a new low.

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