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Electricity peak load suppression of Taiwan's new North pushed four out the lights measures

New energy-saving and effective municipal government in northern Taiwan, proposed four measures to put out the lights, will reduce lighting electricity since July 31 at the same time inhibit the summer electricity peak load and improve the overall stability of the electricity supply.
Great Heat throttle just after the summer, late fall early sun hot weather but also provides a wealth of natural light, in order to make good use of the summer sun treasure, the new Taipei to emulate the ancients capsule firefly Yingxue natural light to borrow ideas, put forward by sun light reduction activities to encourage services, reduce light together all the people, the establishment of energy-saving summer atmosphere.
New North Municipal Economic Development Bureau said that from 31 businessmen hope from 10:00 am to 16:00 or 22:00 to 4:02 hours, can be "minus indoor luminaire", "sign off or light "," 1 hour delayed Lights On "and" reduce the number of lamps arcades "and four minus lamp measures to reduce lighting electricity.
The new North Mayor Chu attended the press conference, said the people invited to take a power-saving, use of natural light in summer, one together to reduce energy-saving lights, called 5000 stores, businesses and the public sector to allow natural light into the store or general Households can save electricity consumption.
He said the bridge late one hour LightScribe lighting, corridor or hallway minus lights, through public-private partnerships, so that every corner of New Taipei City can implement the reduction lamp operation.
Chu expressed the hope that work together to respond counties, plus the central accelerate the wisdom of saving, in order to truly achieve energy-saving effect.
Economic Development Bureau said, "The new North called Summer Deals lights" campaign, mainly using summer sunny sunset and late characteristics, encourage the people to fully grasp 10:00 am to 16:00 daylight hours, reduce outdoor lighting and the window open not only enjoy the natural light, but also save the purse, to reduce carbon emissions, and reduced by 10 am to 2 pm peak hours of electricity, reducing the supply bottleneck pressure.

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