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Downtown Detroit underground passage in creative LED lighting design

Detroit City recently elected by the three companies contest the lighting connecting downtown (Midtown) to the new city center (New Center) elevated road underpass.
The three companies or studio creative ways were used for the lighting design of underground passages. bioLINIA will be installed in Cass elevated road lighting design called "mirror" (Reflector) will place a mirror in the passageway 7500, in a car through the vehicle headlamp light will be refracted to different directions and angles, produce effects such as a stage-like cool.
r + d LAB will install lighting design called "resonance" (Resonance) in the underground passage of Second Avenue. Total underpass will be installed on the walls and ceiling 22 interactive LED light box, when a vehicle passed, the driver will feel more lines in bright light; and when pedestrians from opposite ends of the channel and rows emitted light box will meet in the central passage of light, produce a ripple effect of light and shadow.
Third Avenue underpass will be installed lighting design called "light turns device" (Light Bender) by New D Media Arts, people can use the mobile application to change the irradiation angle of colorful light, enhance the interaction of urban public space and entertainment.
According to reports, the activities of each team will receive $ 75,000 in financial support, Knight Foundation (Knight Foundation) and Midtown Detroit Inc. provided by the new economic plan fund (New Economy Initiative). The project is expected to be completed by the end of October this year, part of the part of the local "2013 technology urban regional planning" (2013 Tech Town District Plan), which aims to stimulate the vitality of the region, to create a more suitable business operating in the business district.

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