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The advent of the new quantum dot manufacturing technology will bring a new era of LED lighting?

            Quantum dots have generated widespread commercial impact on LED technology, now, to improve its manufacturing steps and increase profits is the focus of research in the field. According to the American Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' Spectra "magazine Web site reported that US researchers at Oregon State University, recently demonstrated a new quantum dot manufacturing technology, not only to ensure that the size and shape of the quantum dots had made consistent, but also for more accurate color control, LED lighting could mean the advent of a new era.
In the study, published in the "Journal of nanotechnology research grainy", the research team used a technique called "continuous flow" of a chemical reactor. Chemicals are continuously placed in a reactor and generate a continuous LED lighting. This continuous flow device so that the process of manufacturing LED lighting is more cheap, fast, and highly malleable. At the same time, they use a microwave to heat reagents in chemical reactions resolved how precise temperature control problems. This microwave device with you at home with the principles of operation of a microwave oven almost.
The researchers believe that this approach will bring enormous change in the field of LED lighting. Since this method can be made consistent size and shape of the quantum dot, its flexibility to ensure that the manufacturer can produce the quantum dots have a variety of uses. Smaller green quantum dots can release large number of quantum dots can be released orange to red light.
"We may eventually create a low-cost, energy-efficient LED lighting, and people want to achieve the effect of white light," associate professor of chemical engineering at the university, said Greg Herman. The research team that compared with other quantum dot manufacturing technology, precision manufacturing methods they can bring a better color control.
"At the same time, this technology uses non-toxic materials, and significantly reduce material waste, which can reduce production costs, protect the environment." Herman explained, compared with cadmium LED lighting systems commonly used quantum dots used copper indium diselenide compound materials more environmentally friendly.
The researchers said that, by this method of manufacturing a quantum dot can provide another "cheap" choice for a variety of areas of optics, electronics and biomedicine.

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