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Taiwan accelerate facelift LED street light

Energy Vision 2015 Forum, held recently in Taiwan, there are energy experts from home and abroad held talks, Taiwan's local governments, including New Taipei City, Kaohsiung City, are declared to strengthen the green energy industries supportive way, accelerate facelift LED lights, and increase more solar panels installed capacity.
Currently in New Taipei City in northern Taiwan, a total of 260,000 street to dress up for the LED lights, is currently in the first half of 2015 has been switched to 190,000, estimated to be at around the end of 2015, full facelift is completed.
Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan, more than a year on average, two thousand hours of sunshine, the Kaohsiung City Government wants to more actively into the solar photovoltaic equipment to the building on each region, to achieve lower sun, Micron landscape, and have an important advantage of electrical energy. In order to achieve these goals, in 2011 began planning policies, have green building autonomous regulations and photovoltaic smarter buildings certification mark, the past five years has installed about 100 megawatts of capacity increase of 150 one million again next four years watts.
In addition, the Taiwanese government's stated policy is that past efforts to allow Taiwan to show the dazzling green transport facilities, including the promotion of LED traffic signal lights, push the mercury lights LED technology, in 2015 also launched a "mercury street sunset plan", LED street light penetration will be more than half can be said is a major global leader in place.
Meanwhile, in response to the United Nations' Framework Convention on Climate Change "(INDC), 2030 greenhouse gas emissions than in 2005 by 20% in 2050 down to 50% in 2005 emissions, Taiwan also has efforts in this regard, we have been in 2015 In June the Legislative Yuan Wen subtraction. The current data estimates, Taiwan's energy use in 2015 has been 20% less than in 2005.

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