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2025 countries will total 350 million LED street light replace the lamp

We are committed to pursuing a low-carbon economy Climate Group (ClimateGroup), September 27, in its meeting chaired Climate Week in New York, a high-profile promise "Decade Vision": To the "Global LED lights" of a decade, the public lighting energy consumption by half. Great dream green school, eligible commercial giant Philips solidarity appeared more launched called "LED = Low Emission Delievered achieve lower emissions" activities, according to the country needs to develop facelift solutions to accelerate local governments "LED" of rhythm, actively implement the various countries in 2025 will total 350 million LED street lights replaced.
His words, not a joke.
The Climate Group published in more than two years to complete the "SupportTheBigSwitch" report at the meeting, pointed out that many countries and regions worldwide United States, Britain, Argentina, India, Taiwan and China and so on, many years ago had to LED lights will replace the public as Key development projects. The report keeps track of a number of organizations participating in the Climate Global LED lamp test of 12 cities, including New York, London, Calcutta and Sydney. The test consists of Philips Lighting collaborative complete.
"LED is the most cost-effective, the most mature technology, green lighting solutions most likely to perform. Currently, LED lamps replace technical barriers have been overcome, if all lighting replaced with LED lights of all annual global lighting electricity demand by half , 735 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to the total carbon dioxide emissions both the UK and Spain. With the development of various cities around the world, the number of lights is expected to reach 350 million in 2025, the local government, utilities and financial institutions are should work together in 2025 into the existing street facelift LED lights, the same low-power technology. "Global CEO of The Climate Group MarkKenber plausibly at the meeting, in order to confirm the facts," the next decade is not a dream, "Global has already input LED of the "light revolution."
"New York City's facelift plan for the nation's largest ongoing 250,000 LED lights facelift project. As of 2017, New York City will be able to save energy and maintenance costs of $ 14 million. If every one of the nation's outdoors Lighting LED lamps are replaced, the United States will be able to save $ 6 billion, and the reduction of carbon emissions equivalent to the emissions of 8.5 million vehicles. "
2013, Los Angeles began to dress up to 140,000 LED lights. According to the report, in 2014, Los Angeles, thus reducing 63% of energy consumption, and save the $ 8.7 million cost. Now, Philips Lighting will help Los Angeles to upgrade to the "wisdom of LED lights," This system uses mobile phones and cloud computing technology, is estimated to be able to save 80% of energy consumption.
And recently, the city of Chicago also announced that it will carry out the "Smart Lighting Project" (SmartLightingProject), designed to convert most of the city's outdoor lighting energy-saving LED light source. Chicago will also consider building lighting central network management system, possibly using lights deployed to expand its fiber optic network, enabling the city to offer new services.
Chicago reconstruction project could become one of the biggest transformation of solid-state lighting (SSL) carried out worldwide. Outdoor lighting fixtures inventories totaled 348,500, including the City of Chicago and the Chicago Park District, all the streets, alleys, viaduct, road, lake front settings. These opportunities are each responsible for the installation and maintenance of lighting.
Global elimination of "white" LED light set off the uprising tide
How to make high energy consumption, use of short cycle incandescent "end" so that efficient energy-saving LED lights round play, it is indeed an important issue in many countries, the exact studies performed.
EU, America, Australia and Southeast Asian countries have gradually worked out a comprehensive timetable for the phase-out of incandescent, incandescent disabled range has been moving from industrial areas to residential indoor lighting.
Among them, China as early as in November 2011 issued "China to phase out incandescent road map" plan from October 1, 2012 banned the import and sale of 100 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting, from October 1, 2014 ban import and sale of 60 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting, as well as from October 1, 2016 banned the import and sale of 15 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting. In other words, incandescent light soon will no longer appear in the Chinese territory.
LED lighting lift-out warfare technology, funds into key weapon
Industry insiders pointed out that the rapid development of technology makes LED lighting industry, the more down the lower technical threshold, causing the industry to face disorderly, good and bad situation, "the next three years, will step into the high-growth LED lighting, but also into reshuffle , among the four types of companies will bear the brunt of being eliminated, including cash-strapped, no core technology, over superstition and fanaticism electricity supplier pipeline companies to develop the pipeline. "
Tongfang acquisition of shares really bright, MOSO Founder nearly 200 million purchase of 55% stake, to buy 60% stake in rectangular lighting Kang Ming Sheng, Jiawei acquisition of shares on the Zhongshan lighting products, Kingsun acquired 51% stake in color VTech ...... succession mergers and acquisitions news, so that the industry gradually established pattern.
"In the global need for LED lighting under the premise has ample capital, irreplaceable core technology companies, in order to break through the barrier of the old development, a real winner." Insiders said.
To the number of the world's leading LED brand, Philips Lighting can be regarded as the industry leader. Philips Lighting is a recognized leader in the global lighting market, has a wealth of expertise in research and innovation (LED) lighting solutions, manufacturing and application. Recently, Philips Lighting also introduced under the IOT (InternetofThings) network based on the concept of LED "wisdom" lighting solutions. The program allows the user to control home lighting anywhere, anytime, but also allows users to create and control home lighting, for iOS and Android mobile platforms via smartphones or tablet.
Philips Lighting since September 2014 since the Philips Group announced the split, specialized clearer posture, after the spin-off of Philips Lighting solutions company trying to enter the adjacent downstream market, strengthen its LED light source, lamps and Wisdom interconnected lighting systems and service existing market position in the field, with the possibility of attracting the world, especially China financial strength of potential buyers attention, in a flexible way to enter the capital markets.
Philips Lighting CEO (CEO) EricRondolat stressed that the green light is a simple energy-saving program, as simple as the replacement of street lighting LED, you can save 40-50% energy; installation of interconnected lighting technology, can save an additional 30% energy.
Minister of Philips Lighting Global Public and Government Affairs HarryVerhaar also said: "The installation of new interconnect LED lights exciting, but at present the existing street facelift rate is still quite low we have to upgrade to the current rate of 2 times facelift. in order to keep pace with the rapid increase in energy demand. benefit if the LED lighting to reduce energy consumption to save money and have a better understanding of the major cities you should plan to replace the existing LED Technology infrastructure on the location of priority. "
Green technology developed, a field sweeping global energy phase-out war has quietly begun. I believe that is in the year from November to December, the 21st General Assembly of the United Nations Climate Change to be held in Paris (COP21), world leaders will be quick and decisive approach to climate change issues, the global promised more " about a decade. "

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