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Halifax, Canada facelift over 40,000 intelligent LED street light

US Silver Spring smart grid power supplier (Silver Spring Networks Inc., hereinafter referred to as SSNI) today announced that it will be installed north of the port city of Halifax, Canada wisdom LED lights.
Intelligence street lighting has become the basic requirements to improve real-time monitoring network security
Unlike other LED lights project, this time the 43,000 LED lights is attacking intelligent LED street light system caused.
SSNI use contain intelligent streetlight solutions and services, including Streetlight.Vision control software, connecting 43,000 street smart street lighting system formed. These lights Lighting is provided by intelligent lighting systems manufacturers LED Roadway. Halifax is the capital of the Canadian province of Nova Skoda Valencia, a total of 40 million inhabitants, covers wide to 5490 square kilometers, is Canada's largest municipal coastal areas.
? LED street light installation project manager is also the manager of the local public facilities coordination Angus Doyle (Angus Doyle) said: "We all want to live in a safe and healthy cells which also contains bright streets, roads and public space. .SSNI from street lighting platform provides real-time monitoring of the status of the return, eliminating the need for people to call street repair fault, allowing us to better management of maintenance and replace burned-out lights more quickly. "
Data, systematic water and electricity and lighting into the future city
Doyle added: "This platform also brought to Halifax futuristic applications of smart cities, all data is digital, water, electricity and data traffic from the advertising panel billboards are also easier to manage . "
? SSNI's intelligence headquarters in the city and the lighting deputy Dato Brandon (Brandon Davito) said: "We are delighted to be able to provide an excellent, reliable and sustainable expansion of wisdom updated street network to Halifax with open standards. we can count on a network of computing different cities, our wisdom lights platform capable of assisting Halifax future a simple way to add more LED lights, while the future can then add more smart city means and procedures. "
SSNI intelligent streetlight solution that can help cities, public facilities and transport sectors subordinate intelligent lighting systems, significantly increasing system reliability, increase energy efficiency, reduce operating costs, extend equipment life and improve the quality of life and safety of residents of the region.

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