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The advent of intelligent LED lighting family incubator

To add a touch of green house or add some angry, we usually put the fish tank or a variety of plants in the living room corner. At this stage whether the tank or container gardening growing plants have entered the era of intelligent, but never appear able to meet plants and raising animals raising aspirations smart devices.
But now, such a device has finally emerged. Smart family incubator, dubbed "Biopod" both can support a variety of different plants grow, but also to meet the needs for survival of amphibians.
More noteworthy is that this is called a smart home Biopod incubator, because it can be remotely controlled by supporting the application, the entire process completely without extra worry.
During operation, this Biopod smart home incubator is very simple, and even can be called "fool" operation. Biopod with supporting applications, the App will start from the layout stage incubator for guidance. Even in the training process, but also data remote control a variety of devices inside the incubator collected by sensors in real-time, anytime, anywhere to provide the most favorable environment for the growth of plants and animals within the incubator.
In order to achieve the purpose of intelligence training, this Biopod built sensors to real-time monitoring of the data inside the index. Also equipped with heaters, humidifiers, LED lighting and illumination systems. For users who want to use Biopod to raise animals, the most intimate than it is equipped with a Wi-Fi network camera, so that the owner was not at home in their own time they can know what to do pet.
Before the user starts Biopod internal arrangement, as long as you want to cultivate the kind of input into the matching App, the application will be arranged according to the actual situation, and will provide a detailed internal layout guidance. After everything is ready, Biopod was officially opened, the sensor data will be collected in real time to the server system, a variety of data after processing, the server will send various commands to the device. For example, said increasing the temperature and reduce humidity or increase the light, etc., anywhere, anytime to provide superior environment for the growth of plants and animals inside.
Currently, this Biopod has landed numerous chips were fund raising website Kickstarter. According to the needs of different users, R & D team offers a variety of different sizes and functions incubator to choose from. If you just want a simple little garden, or provide a habitat for the amphibian, then the public to raise the price of $ 205 (about 1296 yuan). Of course, if you want to get Biopod able to handle the fish, then you will need $ 215 (about 1359 yuan).
If everything is smooth, it is expected that this Biopod will officially begin selling in December this year. If you want to add a touch of green for the home or small add some fun, then this Biopod smart home incubator is a good choice.

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