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Talk about LED lighting business new action

         October last week, Xiao Bian found by combing this week LED lighting business action is not small, LED lighting business to flee the battlefield, there are companies bid to expand through acquisitions or business, as well as companies flocked to the new board, to enter the capital market ...... Now, Xiao Bian significant developments of the past week, LED lighting companies to inventory, organize, for enjoyment.
Schneider $ 385 million "sell" Juno Lighting
October 29, US Acuity Brands Company announced that it has reached an agreement to $ 385 million acquisition of Juno Lighting LLC ("Juno Lighting Group") all of the shares, the acquisition is expected to be completed in 2015. Juno is a subsidiary of Schneider Electric, provides services to customers throughout North America.
Statistics show, Juno Lighting Company in 2005 Square D (Schneider Electric, a division) to $ 410 million in cash plus $ 200 million of assumed debt acquisitions, totaled $ 610 million. Over the past ten years now, it has been Acuity Brands to $ 385 million acquisition.
According to informed sources it said, Juno in 2005 and employs about 1,000 people in fiscal year 2004 total sales of $ 242 million, profit 1,000 2 6 million one hundred thousand US dollars, and now Juno current annual turnover of approximately $ 250 million. Company for commercial buildings, residential buildings and public facilities institutions provide lighting, while also providing exhibition lighting, fiber optic lighting products and emergency and exit lighting mark.
Toshiba plans to withdraw by the end of March 2016 white LED market
October 28, Toshiba announced that it will carry out structural reform measures for the system integration chip (System LSI) business and discrete components (discrete) business, the specific content of the Toshiba will withdraw from CMOS image sensors and white LED market.
According to reports, Toshiba's white LED affiliated with discrete components business, Toshiba plans to end the year 2015 (the end of March 2016) to exit the white LED market, will focus resources on after the power supply control chip, optical components and other products with growth potential.
The joint construction of the proposed 990 million acquisition of the subject photoelectric or involve four companies
October 29, Shenzhen Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. joint construction suspension notice said the company stock since June 30, 2015 opening from the suspension, the company and related parties to actively promote the work of reorganization. After a detailed program of communication and cooperation with a number of target companies, combined basis after the initial due diligence on the target company eventually four companies included in the restructuring matters. One of the target company mainly for enterprises to provide search engine advertising solutions and effect services; bis of the target company in the outdoor media resources based media operators; three to provide one-stop outdoor advertising to the target company's customers serving solution, to carry advertising agency services; four target company engaged in the activities of dissemination of creative planning and execution management business of the company.
LianJian photoelectric said this proposed planning a major reorganization of assets underlying asset transaction price of 990 million yuan initially identified by the company to pay cash and pay a combination of shares issued. Specific transaction amount, whichever audit assessment after.
Liard, a wholly owned subsidiary of the winning 277 million lighting project
October 27, Liard announcement, the company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jinda Lighting receive tenderer Wuhan Tourism Development and Investment Group Co. sent a "winning notice." Jinda Lighting confirmation notice as "two rivers and four banks in Wuhan landscape lighting to enhance the project a construction" project successful units, the price of 277 million yuan, accounting for 23.49 percent by the year 2014 audit revenues.
Liard said that this project is to create a unique Wuhan Wuhan characteristics of the "Yangtze River first light show" major lighting projects, is a well-known city lighting project that is the largest amount of gold the history of lighting lighting project the project will enhance the Jinda lighting ability to undertake projects to improve Jinda lighting brand influence, will get Jinda lighting major lighting projects other cities to lay a good foundation. At the same time, this project is urban cultural tourism supporting the project, the company will lay a more solid foundation in the field of cultural tourism.
Liard develop increased nearly 2 billion acquisition of PLANAR companies
October 23, Riyadh announcement, to be non-public offering of not more than 120 million shares, raising total funds not more than 1.98 billion yuan, of which one billion yuan to be used for the acquisition of 100% stake in the company PLANAR.
PLANAR company is including DLP rear projection, LCD and LED displays, including the stitching of the whole category of display products and high-end home theater solutions provider, has a high reputation and market share in the international market, especially in North America. PLANAR company through the acquisition of companies specializing on the one hand to achieve the electronic display industry mainstream technology in the full range of display products covering product applications will also be an extension of traditional business to high-end home theater and other civilian areas; on the other hand to quickly build a global operating platform, PLANAR the company's global marketing network and brand influence will greatly promote the company's globalization strategy to achieve business objectives.
2013 annual target company, FY2014, 2015 January-June revenues were 101,590.21 million, 119,617.32 million, 57,066.46 million, net profit was -4770.3 million, 26.7329 million yuan, 5.1913 million yuan.
Wilderness optimistic about cross-border acquisition of PPP lighting engineering company
October 26, announced the Great Northern Wilderness, entered into a letter of intent with two independent third parties, the proposed acquisition of housing construction and municipal public works construction general contracting company a 51% interest; and lighting equipment sales, the city and the entire equity interest of road lighting engineering contracting companies.
The two companies intend to bid jointly involved in lighting and municipal improvement projects of a county government. Group expects to participate in the PPP projects since (PPPs), to obtain a stable source of income.
Branch excellent ho throw 60 million unique force DUV LED industry
Following the Anhui harmony Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. announced a high profile Qingdao Jason White Electric Co., the domestic LED industry DUV Adds an exciting investment news: in the only distinctions in the amount of 60 million yuan to complete the A round of financing .
Branch excellent CD-Technology Co., Ltd. as a high-tech start-up company, with the Chinese Academy of semiconductor research in-depth cooperation, focusing on high-temperature materials for deep ultraviolet electrical equipment R & D and industrialization, is committed to being a world-class supplier of high-temperature equipment.
In the visible areas for lighting, display and other GaN-based blue, white LED has been dyed a fierce competition in the market when the Red Sea, with the field of deep ultraviolet broad market prospects and huge added value is recognized as blue ocean industry insight and high hopes. However, the lack of production equipment and manufacturing process complexity for many manufacturers covet prohibitive DUV this area, the high price of the device has seriously hampered the outbreak of deep UV LED market. Currently, the market price of the ordinary blue-chip within about one yuan, while DUV 2mw chip market quoted in the mainstream of existing three, four hundred yuan from top to bottom, is blue chip hundreds of times. The reason may be commercialized in the absence of high-temperature MOCVD is one of the main reasons, currently available on the market alone minicomputer devices, it is difficult to chip costs down.
Beneficial up shares of LED electric company Ming Technology impact of the new three-panel
October 30 morning, Shenzhen Sea Star Technology Co., Ltd. announced that the company shares of the company Shenzhen City, Ming Technology Co., Ltd. received the National SME share transfer system limited liability company issued a "notice of acceptance" in recent days, Power Ming Technology submitted in the country listed on the SME share transfer system application materials have been accepted.
Power Ming Technology registered capital of 30 million, the company holds 10% of the total share capital of electricity Ming Technology.
Shenzhen City, Ming Technology Co., Ltd. is the Shenzhen Coship Electronics Co., Ltd. Display Technology Division on September 1, 2010 establishment of restructuring, more than ten years of LED product development, production, sales history. Domestic LED industry is currently one of the largest integrated hi-tech enterprises. Companies registered capital of 30 million yuan, specializes in highway display, business application displays, lighting and lighting engineering development, and manufacturing LED related products sales and system integration.
Hang Optoelectronics in three new board listed
November 2, Hangzhou Branch of photovoltaic (834,043) in the three new board listing.
As of December 31, 2014 Optical Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Branch revenues of 16539.05038 yuan, net profit 572.217644 million, the company's total assets 21300.32673 million yuan and net assets 16590.80419 million.
Statistics show that Hangzhou Branch Optical Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, we are committed to the world to provide comfort, energy saving, environmentally friendly lighting services. LED packaging products is one of the reliable suppliers in China, is one of the solutions provider China mature FILAMENTBULB program.

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