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Facilities and form a closed plant factories contrast selection

After years of exploration and development, China's closed plant factories both in materials, equipment and technology have made rapid progress, production yields a multiple of growth. As technology continues to improve plant factory and improve, and even miniature, mini-plant factory has been used in various environments of their lives, plant factories have been everywhere.
1, closed plant factory facility category
1.1 idle plant and basement
Currently, almost every place appeared empty houses, factories, parking lots and basements, plant factory is the use of these idle resources and create higher value best choice. These idle land resources to transform into a closed plant factories, high-yield, high-quality, cost-effective plant production, both to revitalize the idle resources and reducing costs, and create a high value, has multiple purposes.
1.2 Waste Container
Every year, a large number of abandoned containers eliminated, the transformation of these waste containers adult light closed plant factory workers, but also new initiatives to improve resource utilization. Containers come in different sizes, the length is generally 5 ~ 12 m, almost the same height and width, generally in 2 ~ 3 m. Use of waste containers converted artificial light closed plant factory, with good sealing, high security, landscape, integrity, good structured, easy temperature control, easy to move, use of a long, strong environmental adaptability and other characteristics. Single box can become an independent plant factory, more of which may also form large plant factories, high-rise buildings can form a plurality of superimposed Plant Factory.
1.3 foam board room
Foam sandwich panels for the construction of artificial light material type plant factory, with light weight, low cost, short construction period, closed and good, but also do the big, small, high, low arbitrarily freely, to facilitate the construction of facilities planning and interior , widely favored by the plant factory builders.
1.4 Inflatable membrane
Inflatable membrane space structure is completely closed after a high molecular material (high strength carbon fibers and airgel made of film products) filled with air is formed. In such a configuration space construction of high-level perspective plant cultivation system, called inflatable membrane closed plant factory. This film is an important branch of the inflatable membrane lightweight space structures, with a variety of colorful shapes, can be built in an area more than 20 hm2, height of 40 m above the giant inflatable greenhouse film has excellent construction features, structural characteristics and Suitable economy. Inflatable membrane structure is a relatively closed space structure, different from the traditional spatial structure, its internal structure through the fan air supply to the blast, the membrane structure to maintain a certain pressure difference between the inside and outside, to ensure that the stiffness and maintain membrane structure system design shape.
Inflatable membrane has a variety of shapes, inflatable house inflatable membrane is designed to house shape. Materials such inflator housing is a high-strength carbon fiber, airgel film and air, outside solar energy, intelligence and internal information systems plant factory facilities, the middle air. Such inflated house closed plant factory, low cost, sealing strong, overall good, ease of use.
1.5 Space airtight film
Over the years, the former Soviet Union in the "Salute" and "Peace" space station, conducted several plant cultivation and production of food crops long-term experiments, from cultivating algae chlorella and other experiments to a variety of flowers, vegetables and food crops, so that these plants in space has gone from sowing to harvest the whole process, and has made a breakthrough; on "Peace" space station has nurtured hundreds of species of plants, and successfully planted wheat and other grain crops.
Our fully enclosed in the "Temple" experimental planting plants can also be successful. Chinese scientists Zhang Mao made "living space inflatable cube house" patent, this space cabin wall of the housing by one or more layers of high-strength material similar to spacesuits airtight membrane composition; airtight film opaque or transparent two species, allows multiple cabins are firmly connected to each other and kept closed airtight state, which is full of nitrogen, compared with the metallic spacecraft, light weight, low cost, high security, temperature resistance, anti- pressure and other characteristics, is an important development and utilization of equipment and facilities for the future of space resources, construction plant factory space, become life-support systems.
2, closed plants cultivated in the form of plant selection
Closed plant factory can be divided into three-dimensional planar multilayer cultivation, cultivation three-dimensional polyhedron, hanging three-dimensional cultivation, curtain-dimensional cultivation, cultivation, and other three-dimensional cylindrical forms.
2.1 three-dimensional planar multilayer cultivation
Currently, the international countries Israel, the United States, including China, Japan, the vast majority of commonly used plant factory closed three-dimensional planar multilayer cultivation. This form of cultivation has been widely used in the old factory, vacant rooms, basements and other non-agricultural land place plant plants.
Closed plants in a container class factory, only two rows of cultivating shelf design, due to constraints of height and space, cultivated forms only 3-4 layers, this is because the three-dimensional planar multilayer cultivation nutrient solution can only be used in the form of water culture technology, each layer need nutritious pond, planting board, LED fill light and vegetable plants and cultivating shelf space occupied, generally each in 65 ~ 70 cm, making it possible to expand the cultivation area of ​​the space is limited, resulting in yield and efficiency can only improve within a certain range.
Other types of closed plants in the factory, according to the height and space of their facilities, flat layers may extend more layers into space, so far, China's Zhejiang University closed plant factory has reached 10 floors, the world's largest 2300 m2 The LED artificial light plant factory in Japan has increased to 15 layers, yield and efficiency has been greatly improved.
2.2 three-dimensional polyhedron cultivation
Cultivation form three-dimensional polyhedron is cultivated in the form of innovation, also in vacant rooms, workshops, basements and centralized boxes and other closed plant factory production, compared with the multi-plane, the effect has obvious advantages.
In container closed plant factory, for example, you can set the two cultivated beds, two in each group can be cultivated bed cultivated plants, a total of four groups cultivated plant cultivation bed surface, this planting bed in the form of three-dimensional polyhedron can aeroponics technology hydroponic nutrient solution instead of the technology, each planting bed is only one nutrient pools, LED lamps can be arranged around the container walls and middle aisle, so that the light, water, fertilizer, better space utilization, due to the realization of the water, fertilizer, gas with fill, so that plants grow faster, lower cost, lighter weight, while production increased several times, if the polyhedron production plants cultivated in the form of inflated membrane plant in closed factories, more three-dimensional space, production and benefits will be maximized.
2.3 wall-dimensional cultivation
Curtain-dimensional cultivation is the use of cultivated plants in the curtain wall closed plants or artificial plants designed and constructed. In the container-type plant factory, for example, in the wall of the container around the planting bed box, using tidal creek bed culture technology in the cultivation of cultivated plants, planting bed under nutrition pool, the container top mounted LED fill light, compared to the plane of the multilayer three-dimensional cultivation, to utilize more fully the light of this, the layout is more reasonable, more convenient, more cultivated surface, higher yields. If the inflatable membrane plant factory closed, set more, higher, higher plant curtain wider plant cultivation, yield and efficiency.
2.4 hanging-dimensional cultivation
The plant cultivation bed hanging at the top of the closed plant factory, and then cultivated in hanging bed planting, irrigation, fertilization, plant protection engaged in farming, which is a kind of agricultural production, it is an art of survival. In any closed plant factory, the realization of three-dimensional cultivation hanging engaged in agricultural production, not only to expand the area, improve productivity, increase efficiency, but also reduce costs, improve resource utilization, both ecological and environmental protection, sustainable production and easy; not only easy to operate, and can enhance the life experience.
2.5 cylindrical three-dimensional cultivation
The plant colonization in larger cylinder surface, three-dimensional cultivation area, using aeroponics technology, plants grow faster. However, in a closed container-type plant factory, due to environmental space is too small, not to use a cylindrical three-dimensional culture apparatus. But the use of other types of closed cylindrical three-dimensional cultivation, especially in the inflatable membrane and the airtight membrane plant factory closed, its advantages will be more long play.
3. Choose and compare Closed Plant Factory cultivation techniques
3.1 cultivation and cultivation techniques form
Closed Plant Factory cultivation techniques can be divided into a matrix culture, hydroponic nutrient solution, tidal creek culture and aeroponics variety, these cultivation techniques can be used alone or may be used, but must be in order to achieve high yield, high quality for the purpose. Select the cultivation technology is determined by the cultivation form, generally speaking, once cultivated form is determined, cultivation techniques also determined. Advanced cultivation forms and matching cultivation techniques, determines the yield closed plant factory, quality and features.
3.2 The main cultivation and cultivation techniques form Compare
In 40HQ Container closed plant factory, for example, most domestic plant factories have adopted the Japanese plane multilayer cultivation in the form of a matching three-dimensional nutrient solution hydroponic techniques. 40HQ Container length 12 m, width 2.35 m, height 2.39 m, space area of ​​67.398 m2.
The plane multilayer three-dimensional cultivation, cultivation area on both sides of the center aisle can each have a 12 m long lines cultivation racks, shelves can be set up three layers of cultivation bed 60 cm wide, so that the entire space 40HQ Container actual planted area of ​​43 m2 If every square meter can be planted 12 dishes, each batch can be planted 518, it can be planted throughout the year a total of 10 batches of 5180 lines.
Using three-dimensional polyhedron cultivation, cultivation area on both sides of the center aisle can each build a cultivation bed, planting bed each side length 12 m, width 2 m, each face sheets can be planted area 24 m2, can be built so that a total of four cultivated area, That is the actual planting area of ​​96 m2, the whole year can be planted vegetables 11520 strains.
Thus, in the same container planting vegetables, planting the same amount in the same area, due to the use of two different forms of cultivation, and accordingly there will be two kinds of results, compared to three-dimensional planar multilayer cultivation, cultivation of three-dimensional polyhedron actual cultivation area and cultivation are expanding the number of 2.2-fold. In addition, as a perspective plane multilayer cultivation in the form of nutrient solution hydroponic technology, three-dimensional polyhedron is cultivated using aeroponics technology, the advantages of three-dimensional polyhedron cultivation is also reflected in the following aspects:
(1) nutrient solution hydroponic technology can only be achieved on plant water, fill with fat, aeroponics technology to plant real water, fertilizer, gas with fill, so that the plants grow faster, which is any kind of cultivation technology can not be compared;
(2) in water, fertilizer resource utilization aspect, aeroponics technology to achieve the recycling nutrient solution hydroponic technology is 1/10 of water, nutrient solution hydroponic techniques fertilizer utilization was 60% to 70% while aeroponics technology fertilizer utilization rate of 95%, the real zero pollution, zero emissions;
(3) nutrient solution hydroponic technology in hot season, when the nutrient solution once the temperature reaches above 35 ℃, the plant will stop growing and even wilting death, in the cold season, when once the temperature is below the lower limit 0 ℃, most plant will stop growing or even suffer damage, while aeroponics technology under the same conditions, using temperature control measures of the cost to be much lower.
There are many forms of three-dimensional cultivation, cultivation techniques employed also has a variety of options. In actual production practice, according to the different varieties of plants cultivated choose different forms and corresponding appropriate cultivation techniques, comprehensive consideration of production, ecology, costs, landscape, quality, operability and other factors, scientific selection, in order to Best.

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