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10 Applications of UV LED

The so-called UV (Ultraviolet Rays / shorthand UV) refers to the sun's rays in the visible light (red orange yellow green blue purple), the naked eye can not see beyond violet light. UV is the wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum from 10nm to 400nm radiation in general. Depending on the wavelength, generally the ultraviolet into A, B, C three bands, as follows: UVA is 400 ~ 315 nm, UVB of 315 ~ 280 nm, UVC is 280 ~ 100 nm. Corresponding to different wavelengths, specific applications differ.
In UVLED market applications, UV-A holds the largest market share, up to 90%. Its main market is cured, related to nail, teeth, ink and other fields. In addition, UV-A also import commercial lighting, you can make white clothes look more white. As UV-B and UV-C is mainly used in the sterilization, disinfection, medical light therapy, in which UV-B to medical based, UV-C is sterilization. In addition, UV LED from the bill identification, applied to the light curing resin, insect, printing, and toward sterilization, disinfection and other market development of bio-medical, security identification, air purification, data storage and military aerospace, to special lighting based.
1. The light-curing system applications
Typical applications for UVA wavelength UV curing and UV inkjet printing, on behalf of a wavelength of 395nm, 365nm, UV LED light curing applications included in the displays, electronic medical instrumentation, and other industries UV adhesive curing; building materials, furniture, household appliances, automotive and other industries of UV-curable coatings; printing, packaging and other industries ...... where UV ink curing UV LED decking industry has become a hot topic, the biggest advantage is to produce zero-formaldehyde green sheet, and a 90% energy saving, yield, scratch resistant coins, comprehensive benefits and economic advantages. This means that UV LED curing market is a comprehensive and applications market full cycle.
Microelectronics industry -UV curing applications: mobile phone components assembly (camera lens, earpiece, microphone, housing, LCD modules, touch screen coating, etc.), hard disk head assembly (gold wire is fixed, bearings, coils, chip bonding, etc.), DVD / digital camera (lenses, lens bonding, circuit board reinforcement), motors and components assembly (wire coil is fixed, the coil end fixed, PTC / NTC component adhesive, to protect the transformer core), a semiconductor chip (anti-moisture protection coating layer, wafer mask, wafer contamination inspection, UV tape exposure polished wafer inspection), sensor production (gas sensors, photoelectric sensors, fiber optic sensors, optical encoder, etc.).
PCB industry LEDUV curing applications: components (capacitors, inductors, a variety of plug-ins, screws, chips, etc.) fixed, moisture potting and the core circuit, chip protection, anti-oxidation coating protection, circuit board conformal (angle) coating, ground, fly line, the coil is fixed, wave soldering through-hole mask.
2. the medical field
Skin Treatment: An important application is the band UVB skin treatment, namely ultraviolet light therapy applications. Scientists found that the ultraviolet wavelength of about 310nm spots on the skin have a strong effect, can accelerate skin metabolism, improve skin's growing power, which can effectively treat vitiligo, pityriasis rosea, polymorphous light eruption, chronic actinic dermatitis light prurigo and other light skin, and therefore in the medical industry, UV treatment now has been more and more applications. Compared to traditional light sources, UV-LED's clean lines, can ensure treatment to the maximum extent. UVB band can also be applied to the health care field, after the band UVB irradiation can cause a photochemical reaction of the human body and photovoltaic, produce a variety of active substances to the skin, it is being applied to regulate advanced nerve function, improve sleep, lower blood pressure and so on. In addition, studies have shown that UVB band to accelerate certain leafy vegetables (such as red lettuce) produced in polyphenols, these polyphenols have been declared nature cancer, anti-cancer and anti-cancer mutations diffusion.
Medical Devices: UV adhesive glue economic automated assembly of medical devices easier. Now, advanced LED UV light source system capable of a few seconds, no UV glue curing solvent and dispensing system that allows medical device assembly process in a consistent and repeatable adhesive effective and economical method of forming. UV light source optimization and control of the manufacture of reliable medical devices is very important. Using an ultraviolet curing adhesive provides many advantages, such as lower energy needs, saving curing time and location, to enhance productivity, more easily automated. UV glue for bonding and sealing general medical equipment, these medical devices require very high quality and best reliability. UV glue curing typical applications in medical device assembly, such as the need bonding 1) different materials (or mechanical properties are not the same) 2) material is not thick enough, you can not use welding method 3) pre-production sub-items.
3. disinfection areas
UVC ultraviolet band due to the short wavelength, high energy, the body can destroy microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, spores and other pathogens) cells of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) of molecular structure in a short time, the cells can not regenerate , bacteria lose the ability to self-replicating virus, so UVC band products can be widely used, such as water, air and other disinfection. Since the UV-LED has advantages of small size, can be used as a light source supporting sets UV (ultraviolet) disinfection equipment, suitable for all kinds of shape structure, large quantities of products of various materials to streamline operations prior to packaging technology; supporting as indoor air off UV bacteria machines (ultraviolet) light: for home, public places and other indoor air disinfection; disinfection cabinet applied to a variety of household appliances, microwave ovens and the like.
Currently some DUV applications include LED DUV portable sterilizer on the market, LED DUV toothbrush sterilizer, DUV LED contact lens cleaning sterilizer, microbicidal air, clean water class sterilization, food and surface disinfection category . With the improvement of people's health and safety awareness, demand for these products will be greatly improved, thus creating bigger markets.
4. Military realm
Since the UVC band belongs solar blind ultraviolet, therefore, in the military also have important applications, such as short-range ultraviolet confidential communications, UV interference, UV warning technology.
Ultraviolet (UV) Communication: Communication is a new UV-A communication has great potential for development. It has the advantage of many other conventional means of communication that are not, such as low tapping rate, high noise immunity, low-resolution, all-weather work, etc., so by the confidentiality of communications, mobility demanding sector wide attention.
Ultraviolet (UV) Interference: UV color appears guided missiles, will inevitably lead to the development of a UV color infrared interference technology is the key to ultraviolet interference has developed gunpowder sufficiently strong ultraviolet radiation, loaded add to produce ultraviolet interference with an interference capability. bomb.
Ultraviolet (UV) Warning: UV warning is to find the target lists plume radiation characteristics when using different fuels missiles at low altitude by detecting missile plume in the ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Dependent on the active radar warning and including infrared, laser and ultraviolet (UV) alarm based passive alarm.
5. Plant Factory field
According to Liu researcher at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Arts Institute for Environment and Sustainable Development introduced, closed soilless cultivation could easily lead to accumulation of toxic substances from, and TiO2 photocatalytic degradation of the matrix can be cultivated in nutrient solution root exudates and rice husk degradation The product contains only 3 percent of sunlight ultraviolet, facilities covering material such as glass filters out more than 60%, can not be applied in the facility;-season vegetable cultivation winter cold oligonucleotide according to make it inefficient and stability is poor, unable to meet the facility vegetable plants production needs. Horticulture developed for use soilless cultivation, especially for artificial light TiO2 photocatalytic systems plant factory use, the demand urgent, commercialization potential. As of June 2015, China has built a plant of more than 80 plants, about hundreds of thousands of multi-span greenhouse hectares.
6. fume purification equipment applications
Report from the sea 宁亚光 ultraviolet photolysis oxide fume purification system is currently the most advanced oxidation photolysis fume purification system, in this purification system, a special UV lamp containing 185nm + 254nm and play a central role. Biodegradable kitchen grease and odor in the air, and no secondary pollution, reducing the fire hazard, small, important light, greatly reducing maintenance costs and other advantages.
7. The exhaust gas treatment applications
According to the report, the total emission of VOCs textile industry accounts for about 30% of the total industrial VOCs emissions, VOCs are precursors of haze generated is an important component of the formation of PM2.5. With UV LED as the light source of the photocatalytic oxidation of VOCs way of handling is excellent, with a small, high catalytic activity, chemical stability, low cost, non-toxic, it is widely applied prospects.
8. Gemmological field
Different kinds of gems, precious stones of different colors with a same color gem different coloration mechanism of its UV-visible absorption spectra are different. Some gems through the optimization process, although the same color as their corresponding natural stones, but the mechanism or cause coloration different color material, there are differences in the absorption spectrum. UV LED can help identify and distinguish certain natural gem gems and synthetic stones, can also distinguish according to some natural gemstones and artificial gemstones processed by ultraviolet light.
9. recognition bill
UV recognition technology is the use of fluorescent or ultraviolet sensors detect fluorescent imprint bill matte response security signs and banknotes. Such recognition technology can identify most of the counterfeit money (such as washing, bleaching, paste and other banknotes). This technology was first developed, the most mature, the most common applications. Not only does it when the deposit is used to identify ATM machine in the, still cash registers, and other financial tools used in the Detector. Using fluorescence and violet banknotes under normal circumstances a full range of reflection, transmission testing. According to the bill the other sheets of different UV absorption and reflectance were identified, Bianqi authenticity. Fluorescent mark on the bill can be identified quantitatively.
10. The light curing resin applications
UV-curable resin is mainly composed of an oligomer, crosslinking agents, diluents, and other specific additives photosensitizer composition. It is irradiated with ultraviolet light polymer resin, so that crosslinking reaction and an instant cure. Under the irradiation of UV LED UV curing machine, UV curing resin curing time of 10 seconds did not need such a long time, basically 1.2 seconds to be able to cure than traditional mercury UV light curing machine in speed much faster. Meanwhile heat also UV mercury than ideal. By components of different ultraviolet-curable resin formulations can be prepared to meet the different requirements and uses of the product. Currently, UV-curable resin is mainly used for wood coatings, plastic coatings (e.g., PVC decorative plates), the photosensitive ink (e.g., printed plastic bags), electronics coatings (labeled and printed circuit board), a printed coating ( such as paper, playing cards glazing), metal components (such as motorcycle parts) coatings, optical fiber coatings, photoresist coating precision components and the like.

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