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Based on the observation of LED lighting technology trends

First, the Smart Connected
With the rising cost LED, LED lighting has no doubt become the market mainstream. Traditional lighting industry will gradually enter the era of digital lighting and lighting semiconductor lighting applications combining. Intelligent lighting under the background will be the evolution of things target lighting products. Energy conservation is no longer a major concern lighting control, because if you can not fully meet user needs, any consideration of energy efficiency is moot. Intelligent lighting should simply focus is the ability to easily implement user expectations of lighting environments. Data Interconnection (especially mobile Internet) lighting products after digitization, not only solved the problem of real-time two-way communication and lighting systems, and the lighting device realized by a single vehicle lighting functions, expand the networking system is an effective data node. Lighting equipment IOT trend will fundamentally change the direction of the inner lighting product design.
Second, the high degree of customization
If the initial application of LED lighting in the market mainly due to the recognition of long life LED light source, with LED lighting technology matures, significantly improve the luminous efficiency of rapid increases and cost-effective, the application will be replaced with LED lighting The concept gradually evolved into the concept of a native: the lighting design based directly on the LED light source characteristics. The design concept of the conversion of the LED original physical properties have not been fully explore the advantages to be on a whole new level re-understanding, such as small size, the combination of strong, highly integrated optical control and so on. In object-oriented solutions have become increasingly demanding of lighting applications, highly customized LED lighting products, has become not only possible and necessary, and for the integration of lighting applications to optimize efficiency and space environmental systems opens up a broader imagination. 3D printing technology huge role in this regard can not be ignored.
Third, health ecology
Modern science has long been light so that people realize that light is not just lighting. In addition to the visual aspects of the function, the light and the light environment on human physiology, psychology, health plays an important role. However, the effect is a manifestation of this effect often requires the accumulation of time and quantity and gradually revealed, and thus did not receive enough attention in practice in the past. At the same time, a lot of research on lighting experiments and theoretical analysis has been obtained, in the era of traditional lighting, practical application into the promotion there are huge technical and cost barriers. However, we are very clear that all the highly developed technology, are ultimately return to the real people-oriented lighting technology is no exception. With the LED light-emitting mechanism and digital control technology to control more and more depth of LED lighting products for spectrum level of control it has become possible. Light for different lighting applications, having the most appropriate spectral energy distribution (SPD), which meet diversified user needs in the physical, psychological, emotional, health, would be a non-lighting technology development neglect of important driving force.

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