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Wisdom Expressway LED street light system

Recently the Ministry of Economic Affairs under the support Taiwan, Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute in cooperation with the Government of the park street Works Project Management Office in Taipei, Taiwan build a third layer between the first set of Zhongxing Bridge Guilin Road in Central Henan Road, Taipei "wisdom Expressway LED street light system" to provide real-time monitoring lights, auto repair, time-wise dimming feature that allows street smarter, but also can reduce carbon emissions. Due to rapid road speed faster, LED is set to an average illuminance, average luminance and uniformity, the relevant units to take in order to ensure a high standard of traffic safety, this set of future system will be installed as the LED demonstration on fast roads field.
Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs Lin Qinghai chief said that to promote the LED industry, Ministry of Economic Affairs from a policy to encourage industrial investment in research and development from Chouzu Union, designed to support the industry department, set the desired force many manufacturers to promote the LED industry supply chain the formed to occupy LED market opportunities. At the same time the draft has been completed high fast road LED lights standard setting, enter the national standard review process in order to facilitate high-quality LED lights deprecated push the high pressure sodium lamp.
According to information, LED lamp technology and the application of the Taiwan region can be said to have reached the world's highest standard, an international industry benchmark, the future market demand in Taiwan as well as 631,000 high-pressure sodium lamps, LED lamp manufacturers is the best strength display field. We expect manufacturers accumulated rich experience, to further seize the opportunities of the international LED street construction.
Director of the Taiwan ITRI Center for Measurement Linzeng Yao pointed out that "the wisdom of the fast road LED street light system," the use of Taiwan-funded local network communication technology and sensing technology to monitor changes in street lighting, and can be based on weather or spikes, from usage to adjust the lighting brightness, and always monitor the system through a web-based status lights, street lamps make use status at a glance, but also significantly improve maintenance efficiency. If implemented in the future to expand Taiwan's street, it is estimated will save 360 ​​million kWh of electricity per year, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 201,000 tons, to achieve energy saving and environmental protection effect. Due to the high speed on the road quickly, LED lights installed on the need for higher standards, this can enhance the use of LED installations than through empirical field, as the future lighting field measurement data and wisdom street regulation basis.
To help manufacturers to expand the empirical field, Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute has recently Highway Administration in cooperation with the Ministry of Transportation, in the Provincial Highway 61 West Coast Expressway build "LED lights standard road quickly empirical field", in addition to the sections of the original 250 W replace high-pressure sodium lamp LED lights, providing high color rendering and quality of street lighting, increase the safety of passers-by, but also build the cumulative energy of Taiwan LED lights in the future there should be more room for development.
It is expected that, after the actual verification and demonstration, in addition to future fast road these exemplary LED lighting, including the rest of the stuff to fast roads, as well as Freeway, highway Formosa, Chiang Wei-shui Taiwan's most important highways, etc. highway, in the next few years also have the opportunity into a comprehensive LED lighting systems.

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