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2016 Aspect eight lighting industry

Market positive constant
With the release of 10 billion bulb signal to promote environmental protection, green, energy-saving is the consensus of the world's governments, will further strengthen the domestic infrastructure and speed up urbanization, the new North American markets will bring new lighting industry incremental and opportunities.
Technical steadily
In addition to solid-state lighting technology continues to improve and perfect the upstream outside the electronics supply chain, new materials, process automation will become the new technical Aspect lighting industry, lighting products will no longer be a single cost-competitive, will enter the competition in overall cost.
Products appear iteration
Market trends will slow homogenization, intelligent, building materials, entertainment, health, beauty, and other cross-border expansion of agricultural and specialty applications will be endless, product form will enter a period of high innovation.
Industrial restructuring
In the first three decades of total GDP-oriented economic environment led to the supply-side structural distortions of resource allocation, while the market price is commonly used strategies such industries excess capacity, lower prices of industrial products, manufacturing lost profits. These structural problems also exist in the lighting industry, even more so. As the state expanded the supply-side structural reforms to the lighting industry production capacity, inventory is imperative to do "price" of the enterprise shift to do, "valuable" business will become a consensus.
Enterprise polarization
Solid-state lighting technology and electronics market will lead to personalized scale lighting manufacturers to polarization. General lighting products and standards will take the road of the scale of victory, scale enterprises will gradually appear. Market segments, areas of expertise, special lighting will be a number of small and delicate business, market positioning, product diversification too, homogenization of the enterprises will be increasingly difficult.
Market model change
Front shop, grade distribution of these past successful models will be affected emerging market patterns, a general trend of flat channels, professional, dominant channels will be further subjected to various forms of impact of the network, the electricity supplier, O2O etc., and Engineering will be subject to cross-channel plunder from the building, building materials, household, electrical and other industries. Based on the price difference between the engineering and installation of a single model will be phased out and valuable service model will become the survival of the channel.
Value lead the industry
In recent years, the lighting industry has been rapid development, but has also been innovation, "price" and another homogeneity, academic, technical, professional, high-quality design, high value-added features just basic form, did not play a leading role in the industry. In industry overcapacity, low prices, profits in manufacturing pressure loss and high added value requires more attention, the industry will return to mainstream rational.
Value lead the industry
Mergers and acquisitions, integration, three new board, the industry is no longer listed on hot words, but real action. Competition means capital will be an important way of traditional enterprise by glow new vitality and budding enterprises bigger and stronger, and there may even be the only way most budding business survival. With the focus of the global lighting industry migration to China, the lighting industry in 2016 cross-border mergers and acquisitions, consolidation will be opened.
2016 will be a sign of the lighting industry, it is ripe in the lighting industry, as well as industry in the international Year. In this wish the lighting people can find their home in the new year!

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