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LED lighting market in the Middle East to flourish

Market research firm Strategies Unlimited, said, LED lighting market in the Middle East is booming. The research firm predicts that by 2015 to 2022, the Middle East and Africa (MEA) of LED lighting technology revenue compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to reach 13%.
By 2015, LED lighting market in the Middle East and Africa increased to $ 2.3 billion 50 million. Recently this area will use LED lighting. However, SU said, LED lighting application acceleration Middle East and Africa many vertical markets, such as commercial, retail and industrial approaching "tipping point."
Market research firm Strategies Unlimited and the LED lighting research director Philip Smallwood said: "As we see it today, a substantial increase LED lighting market MEA region, which is expected to last until 2022, and now 20% of the total LED lighting market. we predict that in 2022 they will account for about 49% of the total market. "
Market research firm Strategies Unlimited expects LED lighting market in the Middle East and the system will remain resilient, stable and predicted the government will invest in LED lamps and systems, and private investment will continue. International events such as the 2020 World Expo and the 2022 Dubai World Cup in Qatar will bring economic growth in the Gulf region, especially in the hotel market. The hotel market will increasingly use the latest lighting and control.
Governments in the region to cut energy subsidies, create demand for the efficient energy. In addition, many government officials are changing their point of view - in the Middle East is suitable for the use of LED lighting.
KEO International Consultants Abu Dhabi's Advanced Lighting designer Faraz Izhar said: "In Abu Dhabi, people think LED lights are expensive, but do not want to use this attitude is slowly changing, for example, we all know that LED lighting can. improvement in the Middle East hot environments. "
Compared with traditional lighting, LED lamp initial cost difference of a sharp decline. Izhar said: "If we propose an alternative compact fluorescent lamps with LED lamps, for our customers, although the cost of LED lights more than twice, but in the long run, save a lot of money or three years ago, LED. the price of the lamp is now five times. "
Next month, the region will have its own dedicated LED lighting project, showcasing the latest innovative LED lighting brand (40 top brands) in the Middle East will be a two-day Luxlive Lighting Fair exhibition, and held a large-scale public education program, detailed explanation of LED products. Carried out at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre 13-14 April 2016. UAE Ministry of Energy for this exhibition to be funded.

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