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Researchers have developed a new material to help better heat dissipation LED

Light emitting diode (LED) is quickly swept the world, because the bright, low consumption, durable and well-known advantages in many applications replace incandescent and fluorescent lamps. However, few people know that, although the LED will not radiate heat, but it will generate heat at the junction of a semiconductor, thereby shortening the life of the LED, even low-power LED will be, too. With the demand for higher-power LED lights, how to control the temperature has become a major challenge.
Currently, Taiwan researchers have developed a way to truly replace the heavy, rigid aluminum fins. The team claims that the use of polyamide (PA) and reducing graphene oxide (rGO) Preparation of heat sink, enabling more efficient internal LED lamp cooling.
The researchers used a titanate coupling agent (TCA) as a reduction of graphene oxide and polyamide bridge molecule nanocomposite dense material than the polymer alone to enhance the thermal conductivity of 53%. They tested two different components of the material (there is only one kind of polyamide, other polyamide / Titanate - graphene composite material), these two materials which are applied to the LED, and hot thermocouple and imaging analysis.
Polyamide / titanate - graphene has a higher equilibrium temperature, which indicates that the material is faster than the rate of heat transfer of a polyamide material. The researchers tested the durability of the composite material, the results showed that continuous use, the high temperature will make the connection LED performance decline. The results show that the composite material retains its light intensity 95%, while one-component polyamide material retained only 69%.
In fact, the research team has developed a thermoplastic material, thermal properties of the material with the more expensive equivalent of graphene, and can be injection-molded product shape is easy to control. The material helps the preparation of low-cost, lightweight, flexible LED heat sink, also improves LED life.
The research results have been published in the Carbon.

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