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EU farm ministers to visit the Philips LED Lighting factory plant

The global lighting leader Philips Lighting welcomes the EU (EU) Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, including the EU agriculture commissioner, Phil Hogan visited the Eindhoven Philips Lighting growwise center. The main center of vertical gardening and agricultural research, development method of growing food crops. The visit is part of the Dutch presidency of the EU informal meeting of Ministers of Agriculture. Two-day trip around the "Future Food," the themes.
President of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture and Chairman of the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Committee Martin visit Eindhoven Philips Lighting growwise center
President of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture and Chairman of the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Committee Martin said: "We have witnessed the importance of innovation and new technologies in the field of horticulture with LED lighting in a sustainable manner planting lettuce, tomatoes and strawberries, which give the impression. deeply impressed in the limited space of the city, used in this way by planting very feasible, but also with the theme of our meeting perfect fit. to be able to sustainably feed a growing world population, climate-smart agriculture and recycling vital to the economy. I welcome all of which can all contribute to innovative actions. "
Growth Recipe growwise center developed by Philips Lighting LED lighting and other factors composition, such as climate and nutrition for an urbanizing world to provide sustainable food crops.
Currently GrowWise City Farming urban farm field 235 square meters, is said to be one of the largest such research center, to ensure a clean and sterile environment, and with natural light and air environment is very close, so the whole breeding process is completely controllable. As used herein, the Philips Green Power LED lights green energy, according to Philips, said with high energy efficiency, heat compared to other LED illumination produce less, which means it can be placed closer to a place away from the plant, to achieve optimum positioning and lighting. Crops grown on four mechanical shelf, a total of 8 rooms to do the environmental adjustment.
According to the results, such as Philips, designed to simultaneously provide a dark red, white, and far-infrared light LED lamp "light recipe." Already strawberry growers in Belgium covering 10,000 square meters strawberry garden use of this product, energy consumption than the previous incandescent decreased by 8 percent.
It is reported that the study is aimed primarily leafy vegetables, strawberries and herbs. For example, such as for wheat, potatoes and other carbohydrate abundant species planted in the indoor lighting environment to do research.

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