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The new policy is closely linked with the LED industry in the first half of 2016

Into June, unknowingly turn to 2016 do not go half load. Today, Xiao Bian especially since collected nearly six months, down from the upper to middle to place a number of important policies and regulations promulgated, or they have been associated directly or indirectly with our LED industry, our LED business practitioners who notes the development of wind vane, of course, understand that they are not without benefits.
"On the implementation of major projects in the manufacturing sector upgrade package notification"
(Source: NDRC Department of Industry Development and Reform industrial sites [2016] No. 1055)
May 13, 2016, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, is expected to do the manufacturing stable, steady confidence, stable investment, steady growth, and promote the transformation and upgrading, quality and efficiency, accelerate the construction of manufacturing power, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology organization and implementation of major projects in the manufacturing sector upgrade package. With the consent of the State Council released the "National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Information Industry on the implementation of major projects in the manufacturing sector upgrade package notification." According to reports, the manufacturing industry is the main body of the national economy, science and technology innovation is the main battlefield. Since the reform and opening up, China's sustained and rapid development of the manufacturing sector, a strong impetus to the process of industrialization, significantly enhanced overall national strength. However, China's manufacturing industry is big but not strong, weak capacity of independent innovation, production relatively extensive and other issues are still quite prominent, arduous task of transformation and upgrading of the urgent need to organize the implementation of major projects to upgrade the package.
The implementation of major projects in manufacturing upgrade package, to implement the party's 18, eighteen session of the Third, Fourth, Fifth Plenary Session and the Central Economic Work Conference and the "Made in China 2025", adhere to market-led government guidance, focus on national strategic needs, innovative organization, intensify support; adhere to based on current and long-term perspective, in efforts to expand aggregate demand, while speeding up the supply-side structural reforms; adhere to the coordinated development of innovation-driven, co-ordinate and promote the upgrading of traditional industries and emerging industries development of the manufacturing sector towards the end, intelligent, green, service-oriented. Major projects package implementation period of three years (2016-2018 years). Through the implementation of major projects in the package, and strive through three years of hard work, large-scale manufacturing value added average annual growth of more than 7% average annual growth of investment in technological upgrading of enterprises about 15%, the enterprise capability of independent innovation, industrial output value of new products was significantly improved, advanced proportion of production capacity, resources, energy efficiency, cleaner production and corporate security has improved significantly.
Further funding innovative projects organizational and financial support, to encourage social capital to participate in major construction projects, give full play to the advantages of industry backbone enterprises, research institutes, industry associations and other units for different types of characteristics of the project were relying on industry alliance, the Commonwealth of enterprises, organization and implementation of industry backbone enterprises. Having a strong external and public welfare projects, direct investment or investment subsidies policy to support; having profit, competitive projects, the use of special construction funds and industrial investment funds and other market-based funding to support. Implement the "Thirteen Five" Plan and the "Made in China 2025", the focus of high-end manufacturing, intelligent, green, service-oriented, organize the implementation of 10 key projects. Including intelligent renovation project, basic skills upgrading works, works to promote green manufacturing, high-end equipment development projects, the key development of new materials engineering, aerospace engineering capacity-building, electronics and information engineering upgrades, quality and brand lift engineering, service-oriented manufacturing transformation projects , major industrial base construction.
"On the promotion of foreign trade stabilized to the good views'
(Source: China Government Network Guo Fa [2016] No. 27)
May 5, 2015, the State Council issued "Opinions on Promoting the better stabilization of foreign trade" (the opinion), proposed to Take Measures to promote the innovation and development of foreign trade, foreign trade and strive to achieve stabilized for the better. "Opinions" respectively, from fiscal and financial support to strengthen and consolidate the traditional competitive advantage of foreign trade, foster new competitive advantage of foreign trade, efforts to optimize the structure of foreign trade, and further improve the trading environment five put forward to promote the stabilization of foreign trade policy measures for the better 14. 14 policies and measures include: full export credit insurance role; support foreign trade enterprises financing; further improve the level of trade facilitation; adjust and improve the export tax rebate policy; relief - Part SheQi charges; further improve the processing trade policy; support development of border trade; proactive import policy; increase efforts to support the new form of foreign trade; accelerate international marketing service system; accelerate the development of its own brand of foreign trade; play a facilitating role to trade two-way investment; strengthening of trade IPR protection; strengthen the organization and implementation.
"Opinions" also requires that all localities and departments should further enhance understanding, strengthen coordination and forge synergy. To improve the accuracy of the regional policy, the introduction of targeted support measures; clear division of responsibilities of various departments to pay close attention to the details of implementation. Foreign trade is an important component of the national economy and the driving force. At present, the foreign trade situation is complicated and grim, uncertain factors of instability increased, increasing downward pressure. Promote foreign trade stabilized for the better, is important for economic stability and upgrading and development. The "opinions" of the introduction, will help speed up the optimization of LED lighting foreign trade structure, improve the policy environment to boost business confidence to continue deepening the promotion of foreign trade to stabilize the better to create good conditions.
"High-tech enterprise management approach"
(Source: People's Republic of China Ministry of Science and Technology website, Guokefahuo [2016] No. 32)
January 29, 2016, Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation jointly issued a revised and improved after the "high-tech enterprise management approach" (hereinafter referred to finds ways), to further improve the management of high-tech enterprises. According to "Enterprise Income Tax Law" and the relevant provisions of the "Enterprise Income Tax Law Implementation Regulations", as early as in 2008, the Ministry of Science, Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation on the development of identification methods, set up a joint high-tech enterprise management leading group guide The provincial certification organization responsible for the specific work to identify. Finds ways to implement eight years, the overall smooth operation, good effect, but with the development of the situation also revealed some problems. First, the skill of the art behind schedule, some emerging industries, particularly modern services reflected in the lack of art. Second, identify the conditions no longer meet the new requirements of the development of the SME support is not enough. Third, the certification process to be optimized, but also need to further strengthen follow-up supervision. In order to implement the party's innovation eighth Fifth Plenary Session, coordination, green, open, sharing five development concept, the implementation of structural reforms to promote supply-side initiatives, with the changing tax subtraction "double hit" new momentum addition, to promote the adjustment of industrial structure, enhance the sustained growth momentum, Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation in the extensive investigation on the basis of revised and improved identification methods, approved by the State Council issued.
The amendments mainly involve five aspects: First, adjust the "R & D expenses as a percentage proportion of sales revenue" metric. The second is to adjust the "scientific and technical personnel accounting for" metric. Third, adjust the conditions identified in the intellectual property requirements. Fourth, to shorten time for the announcement. Fifth, to increase the content of off-site relocation. Among them, as identified in Annex approach, "high-tech fields supported by the state" has been revised accordingly, compared with the original technology, there are changes in three aspects: First, the expansion of technical support services. As the new "technical inspection certification", "modern sports service support technology," "smart city service support technology" industries such obvious characteristics of the content, and the "R & D and design services", "IT services", "cultural and creative industries support technology" technical field "E-commerce and modern logistics technology" was supplemented. Second, the addition of new technology-related fields, eliminate backward technology. As new "by material manufacturing technology", "graphene preparation and application of technology", "major natural disaster monitoring, early warning and emergency response key technology", "new energy vehicles pilot testing and technology infrastructure" and other advanced technology, and eliminates the backward industries technology and product content. The third is to enhance normative and technical characteristics of the content. Highlight key areas of technical requirements, as far as possible to remove industry category, description of products, to strengthen coordination between the field, avoiding duplication and omissions on the statement more accurate, refined, standardized, professional.
"Guangdong Province, the supply-side structural reforms overarching plan (2016- 2018) and the five action plan"
(Source: Guangdong Provincial People's Government website, Yue Fu [2016] No. 15)
February 28, 2016, the Guangdong Provincial People's Government issued a "notice of Guangdong Province supply-side structural reform plan (2016- 2018) and the five action plans" on the issuance. Corporate pressure to stimulate the real economy, many local governments have issued a "cost reduction," the voice. 10 provinces have been estimated from the point of view of the target amount of burden, at least for this year's plan for discharge of enterprises over 800 billion. According to the target amount of burden "Guangdong general supply-side structural reforms programs (2016- 2018) and the five action plans" given, especially in Guangdong, the largest amount of burden, expected by the end of this year to reduce the 400 billion cost for the enterprise. "Global LED industry to see China, China LED industry development of Guangdong to see," as a synonym for Chinese LED industry in Guangdong, where Shenzhen Guangdong LED industry is a major pillar point group. However, in recent years, but there have been a collective fled Shenzhen LED enterprises, the emergence of LED enterprises will be moved back to the rich mainland factory human resources, lower-cost cities, only the R & D and sales departments to stay in Shenzhen phenomenon.
In addition to the enterprise because of the influx of excessive and blind expansion caused by excess capacity, companies outside the outflow, labor, rent, water, taxes and other prices, are firmly pressed against the head of the enterprise a knife, especially human costs and rental costs of "running all the way," some companies apparently unbearable pressure on rental costs. More importantly, most companies are experiencing "increasing output without increasing income does not increase profits," the dilemma, the tax has become a huge LED business costs, therefore, in Guangdong this year, six out of 4000 one hundred million burdens list, reducing the amount of a single tax costs as high as 215 billion, more than 50% of GDP. It also happens to the majority of the company's most looking forward to reduce costs in the field. Forced to flee the cost of business is still staged a scene, so it was assessed, cost reduction is imperative, Guangdong Province, the introduction of tariff reduction burden, is the Gospel and opportunities. However, in addition to the negative tax reduction measures of the central and local administration, and the enterprises themselves also need more Lianhaoneigong ultimately by improving management, cost control, digest some of the cost itself, it is the basic policy.
"National SME share transfer system listed companies hierarchical management approach (Trial)"
(Source: National SME share transfer system website, share transfer system Publication No. [2016] 37)
May 27, 2016, in order to further implement the "State Council on the National SME share transfer system related issues" and the "China Securities Regulatory Commission Opinions on Further Promoting the development of SMEs in the country share transfer system," the spirit, accelerate the improvement of the functioning of markets, reduce investor information gathering costs, improve risk control capability prudently promote market innovation, the National SME share transfer system limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as "transfer shares of National company") to develop a "national SME transfer of shares in listed companies hierarchical management system (trial) "(hereinafter referred to as" hierarchical management approach "), and since June 27, 2016, the country officially transferred shares of listed companies to implement hierarchical management. According to the announcement, from the 27th of this month, it has not yet officially listed companies can apply for listing in accordance with the "hierarchical management approach" into the innovative application layer. Application layer into the innovative application documents, operational procedures and specific requirements apply for listing of shares issued at the same time be published separately.
New three-tiered system board market has been the focus of the market, three new board reform is considered a major system. Last November 24, shares transfer system on the release of "national transfer systems share listed companies layered approach" and proposed innovation divide layer, the standard base layer. And the official release of the "hierarchical management approach" four chapters 19, including general principles, standards and maintain the standard stratification, hierarchy division and adjustment, supplementary provisions, compared to the previous release of the program, "hierarchical management approach" to further optimize and clear stratification criteria. Analysis refers to post-stratification system is implemented, the new three-panel market will be further apparent differentiation between listed companies, or have a very large gap. Future new three-panel market mechanisms will certainly continue to improve, there will be delisting system do not meet the new three-panel market in the development of enterprises to eliminate future new three-panel market will be a more healthy and dynamic environment.
"National strategic framework for innovation-driven development"
(Source: Xinhua News Agency)
May 19, 2016 Xinhua News Agency released the news that recently the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued the "national strategic framework for innovation-driven development", mainly as follows: the party's 18 proposed the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, emphasizing technological innovation to improve social strategic support productivity and overall national strength, must be placed at the heart of national development globally. This is based on a global center in the new stage of development to establish, for the world, the key focus, driven by major national overall development strategy. To speed up the implementation of this strategy, formulated outline. And made a focus on the economic competitiveness of the core key, major challenges urgent needs of social development, national security in key areas and key links of the eight strategic task deployment. Including strengthening the original innovation, enhanced source supply; optimization of regional innovation layout, create regional economic growth pole; deepen civil-military integration, promote innovation interaction; expansion of innovation subjects, leading the innovation and development; the implementation of major science and technology projects and projects to achieve major leap; high construction level talent, build a strong foundation of innovation; to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, to stimulate the creativity of the whole society.
And also to promote industrial technology system innovation to create new advantages, namely the development of a new generation of information network technology, information infrastructure to enhance economic and social development; development of intelligent green manufacturing technology, the manufacturing sector climbed up the value chain; development of eco-efficient green security of modern agricultural technology, ensure food security and food safety; developing safe, clean and efficient modern energy technologies, promoting energy production and consumption revolution; the development of efficient use of resources and environmental protection technology, building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society; development of marine space and advanced technology, foster maritime economic and spatial economy; the development of smart cities and digital community technologies, promote people-oriented new urbanization; development of advanced and efficient, safe and convenient health technologies to address major diseases and the aging population challenges; support the development of business modern technology service model innovation, driving economic form high grade; leading the development of industry changes disruptive technology, and constantly gave birth to new industries and create new jobs.
Guangdong strategic emerging industry standard system planning
(Source: Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision)
May 18, 2016, the Guangdong Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision jointly Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, the Provincial Science and Technology Department held a news conference to announce the standard roadmaps to lead the Guangdong three strategic emerging industry to achieve quality improvement Happening. Guangdong Province emerging industries of strategic planning and roadmap standard system through policy and technology development status of domestic and foreign industry research, analysis and comparison of domestic and international technical standards, based on the combination of industry development status and standardization needs and after intra-industry senior experts repeatedly argued derived scientific systematic planning. The main contents include: Guangdong industry standard system framework diagram, the standard proposed project in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province and the urgent need to develop industry standardization roadmap.
It is reported that since 2011, the Guangdong Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision jointly Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, the Provincial Science and Technology Department, according to "Guangdong advanced built standard system, to enhance industrial competitiveness and innovation capacity," the objectives, Principal provincial Institute of standardization, Guangzhou Institute of standardization and the preparation of Shenzhen Institute of standards and technology organization, the first in China released a new high-end electronic information, electric cars and LED three strategic new industry standard lighting system planning and roadmap. Up to now, a total of Guangdong Province, local standards approved the release of the three strategic emerging industries urgent need to establish a 188 (where the high-end new electronic information 48, 74 electric vehicles, LED lighting 66), Union standards 124 (which end new electronic information 20, 69 electric vehicles, LED lighting 35).
"2016 Annual Jiangmen LED industry development funds industrial projects directory"
(Source: Jiangmen Daily)
May 24, 2016, according to Jiangmen City High-tech Zone (Jianghaigou) Economic Science and Technology Bureau, the Bureau is undertaking to declare 2016 the Year Jiangmen LED industry development funds industrial projects in accordance with the City Commission by letter Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau documents work today (May 19) until June 15, High-tech zone (JiangHai) qualified enterprises should be grateful if the project application materials to the industrial development Board Division. Major projects the amount of subsidies of up to $ 500,000. According to "2016 Annual Jiangmen LED industry development funds Industrialization Project Guide", declared the project is divided into general projects and major projects in accordance with its investment quota, technology content, output and other indicators, the data reviewed by industry experts and on-site assessment carried out assessment, which is generally the amount of subsidies for the project 10-20 million, the amount of subsidies to major projects 20-50 million.
According to reports, which can declare the project consists of the following three ways: First, the industry service platform projects, including LED industry common technology platform for innovation and public service platform LED field, focusing on e-commerce, Internet + Internet and other information technologies to enhance the LED business public service platform competitiveness. Second, the application of LED packaging equipment industrialization projects, including solid crystal, wire bonders, dispensers and other critical manufacturing equipment R & D and industrialization of LED packaging applications and other related equipment R & D and industrialization. Third, LED chips, packaging and application (lighting) industrialization projects, focusing on standard LED light module, LED interior lighting benchmark system products, LED lighting products, green manufacturing, and other industrial projects. Fourth, LED packaging applications supporting materials industrialization projects.

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