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LED enterprises to find new Blue Ocean?

           Since 2015, the international giants cheap grab market policies resulting in a price war whirlpool greater the volume, LED lighting market into full stage of the Red Sea, is still sizable advantages enterprises can only gain some modest profit. So the blood of the Red Sea, so we strongly feel that the industry reshuffle, an atmosphere, Wind. However, after the storms, everything will return to "calm", LED lighting companies in the competition, after the reshuffle, Reloaded, back on the road.
Silence is not broke, they die in silence. How out of the Red Sea, to find the blue ocean, the entire industry needs to ponder. The author believes, LED enterprises to come to the fore, there must be a breakthrough of the Red Sea Blue Ocean Strategy, its market price to fight tear, it is better to look themselves in refining advantage, then the difference attack, supported by a sound marketing model, the value of innovation, might be able to much more efficiently .
Technological innovation, market segmentation Plough
Lighting is a distinctive characteristic of the industry, it is personalized, customized, specialized decide quite a lot of lighting products can not take large-scale production mode, we need to be treated differently. Therefore, the breakdown of the professional market of LED companies provide living space.
Pu Tong, Chairman Panggui Wei believes that the influx of high-margin business segments are free to choose, the result of free competition, the market economy environment to seek the highest return on capital to the most efficient ways and means place. Enterprise flock will lead to bigger and mature market segments, but also reduce the gross profit margin of the industry, prompting more competitive. From the perspective of industrial economics, competition end result is to make the industry average profit remained at a low level, which in itself is a dynamic category, but also inevitable.
In fact, a lot of technology and innovation as the driving force LED companies know, blindly follow the trend, thinking better to seek change, according to their own characteristics in the segments do a stronger, whoever targeting market segments, who will be easier success. In this context, market segments intelligent lighting, plant lighting, medical lighting has become a high value-added new lighting company's future profit growth pole, given the numerous market opportunities for SMEs.
Medical lighting, the threshold is high, small-scale, the actual market capitalization
As a special way of lighting, medical lighting has some special requirements, compared with the traditional medical lighting, LED lamps are directional, low spectral characteristics become hurt their access to medical lighting field advantage. Because medical lighting high barriers to entry, the small size of the market, but the market is expensive, so the actual market value of its market is large.
In addition, because the LED medical lighting is high-tech, high-risk, high barriers to entry in the special lighting, general lighting products to avoid facing a vicious competitive situation. With the emphasis on community health care, medical rehabilitation, environmental protection and energy saving, medical lighting field can be said to be one of the best entry point for semiconductor lighting, is able to play to their strengths, areas have been easy to market acceptance and promotion, but also easy to blowing rice bran see, create professional brand, to a specialized market segment of semiconductor lighting world.
Intelligent lighting industry a real revolution
CMS China, according to statistics, intelligent lighting industry will open the long-term growth potential, without considering the high value-added products on the basis of only 2014-2015, intelligent lighting industry to provide at least an additional more than 60 billion yuan of market space. By 2020, the intelligent lighting market is expected to reach $ 10.3 billion, compound annual growth rate between 2015 and 2020 was 27%.
Since 2015, smart lighting in dual-drive smart city and smart home under embarked on a new stage of development, companies have introduced products are no longer limited to intelligent lighting dimmer color, Start attach some simple entertainment features, more prominent lighting companies are gradually accepting cross-border integration, such as New Year's Day all the LED lighting business to join hands millet layout smart home ecosystem, through the interaction of cross-border cooperation and the realization combined with illumination light source, as well as a combination of hardware and mobile networks to achieve truly humane intelligent lighting.
Although the smart lighting has broad prospects for development, we have achieved some success, but each intelligent lighting system from a communication protocol, the control platform is no uniform standard, resulting in product dispersion difficult to integrate. Li Shu Chiu Shun LED general manager believes that when the LED market more standardized, standardization can fall, it can be said that intelligent lighting a huge "cake", but each intelligent lighting system from a communication protocol, the control platform is no uniform standard, resulting in dispersion product difficult to integrate, how companies need to cut into the intelligent lighting painstaking research.
It is understood that there is just communication protocol KNX, different kinds of BACnet, DALI, ZigBee, LonWorks, the future how to establish common standards, the biggest challenge is the intelligent lighting, still needs the joint efforts of the whole industry chain. As for the product surface, LED technology has become mature, the ratio between the various manufacturers are not only the future technological breakthroughs, more importantly, to be able to accurately hit consumer demand and usage scenarios, in order to really bring intelligent lighting products terminal applications.
Lighting plants, prospects, is expected to enter the outbreak period
In general lighting market, intense competition, environmental health problems have become increasingly prominent objective environmental impact, plant lighting applications has become one of the development direction of LED, each lighting giants have already started plant layout LED lighting business. Following the establishment of Philips LED lighting factory plant, Osram, Everlight and other companies have also been action in this area.
Recently, Kwong Ming source, a subsidiary set up in southern China's largest green love plant factories, research and development, production of different needs grow light; Kingsun has also introduced a new smart lighting functions and other plants. Plant domestic lighting market development this year is more brisk, thanks to government support for this industry to increase and enhance the enterprise market confidence.
However, LED application mechanism of the domestic cultivation of plants in the field is still in its infancy. Although China is a big country plant cultivation area, but in the cultivation areas have developed proprietary LED technology products, basic or blank, and in urgent need of engineering disciplines of Plant Science researchers working together, developed in line with China's actual production plant LED light, automatic lighting control system, new plant growth regulating device and a large factory plant nursery facilities. Thus, the lighting plant when the country's development into the fast lane, is still a problem.
Automotive lighting, will eventually break the monopoly giant
With the continued growth of car use LED market size, coupled with the current average gross margin of 20% or more generally, so that LED manufacturers actively involved in LED automotive lighting. According to related statistics, the 2012 LED car interior products with LED penetration rate of 80% is expected to rise to 90% by 2020. In recent years, both the joint venture own brand, low-end or luxury brands, LED lights have become standard on many vehicles. LED lighting is expected to become a trend headlight applications.
Although China has become the world's largest car market, but more than half of the global automotive market by Philips Lighting and Osram two giant monopoly, and the core technology of automotive lighting and more blocked. However, profits continued to decline in the lighting industry, many companies seek transformation high profits in the field, force automotive lighting market, there were not a better choice. The good news is, the domestic LED enterprises through continuous exploration in this area has achieved considerable results.
Since 2015, China's LED lighting industry, the rise in electricity providers, Internet + promotion, domestic economic growth has entered a new normal, under the influence of the industry's own structural adjustment and other factors, continued to mature, into a deep period of adjustment. In this process, the increasingly fierce market competition and cruel, LED product homogeneity serious excess capacity led to price compression space again forced, survival of the fittest situation is inevitable. Price wars hurt every last suffer.
LED business should return to a rational level, not only by improving production technology, improve production efficiency to reduce costs for profit, should increase the technological content and enhance product value, the competition shifted from price battlefield open in order to obtain a more comprehensive long-term development; the company's core strategy must be to return to build brand value up, firmly grasp the quality of the bottom line, enhance service chips, in the long-term competition, seek to enhance the quality and management of the road, the successful transformation of the value of the price war strategic warfare.

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