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India's huge market opportunities for LED lighting

With the Indian government intends to fight the East Asia and the Gulf States, India create lighting products export hub, Osram, Toshiba and other international companies have India as a production base for the global market, so the Indian LED lighting market in domestic and external demand is huge, next two to three the market will grow rapidly. 2020 LED lighting market is expected to reach 1.715 billion US dollars.
Indian LED market supply chain
India LED lighting market in the early growth stage, local supply chain is not complete, although India has a certain number of assembly, design and manufacture of LED lighting company, but the LED chips and LED packaging entirely dependent on imports, and some large-scale LED lighting companies even direct imports from China finished or assembled their own semi-finished products from China later; small businesses become more dependent on imports. The next two years, although the Indian government will continue to encourage domestic manufacturing of lighting products over-reliance on imports situation will improve, but on the middle reaches of the chain missing situation is difficult in a short time to change.
Major lighting manufacturers introduce and Strategies
International companies Philips and OSRAM are in India to set up R & D centers or manufacturing plants, not only optimistic about the prospects for the Indian LED market, will also plant in India as a global market and production base, local manufacturers in addition to Havells, Surya major manufacturers have their own manufacturing plants outside, other manufacturers are mainly imported products from China and other places.
With mature technology and product manufacturers in the international market share far more than local manufacturers in India, but the Indian government is now vigorously support local enterprises, government procurement case would amount to provide 5 percent of the local LED lighting related products manufacturers, the city of the future local manufacturers accounting rate will be improved.
India normative standards LED lighting market and product standard case
LED industry development in India has been the Indian government's support, the government issued a series of dimensions from various policies to support the development of the whole industry, the core of which is the Indian National street plan (SLNP) and India Efficient Lighting Program (DELP), which public works tenders two projects also covers the current one-third of the local market.
In order to promote the popularity of LED lighting products, the Government of India in the official standard case continue to drive down the price of the product, but also continuous improvement of LED product specifications, but space is very limited profits for manufacturers, the business opportunities and challenges.
At the same time in order to improve the quality of products, the Government of India for the product implemented some standards, lighting products into the Indian market trafficking needs to have BIS certification, and since 2017, the government mandated the manufacturer label on LED products in the energy efficiency labeling, the whole lamp efficiency to reach at least 90lm / W.
Indian lighting market channel analysis
Indian lighting market channels, there are four: engineering standard case, lighting market, retail outlets and electronic business platform, works tenders accounted for the largest share of the Indian LED lighting sources, more than 35%. Mainly because the Indian government to actively promote lamps facelift. LED lighting market in the sale of lighting products also occupy a larger proportion.
In addition, each cell in family-run small local grocery store has become an important sales channel lighting products, accounting for 23% market share. From the electricity supplier channels, the development of e-commerce market in India is still relatively fragmented, so the percentage is not high.

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