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US release date RF LED lamps FCC certification and testing requirements

Recently, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released KDB file on RF LED lights certification and testing: 640677 D01 RF LED Lighting v01.
1. Define RF LED lights
RF LED light emitting diode by means of the RF energy into light energy products. LED lights are not necessarily RF LED lights, LED lights if the maximum operating frequency of less than 9kHz, for example, are passive or only directly from the DC power supply (no drive power module) is not regarded as RF LED lights.
2, the RF LED lights certification and testing requirements
RF LED lamp according to FCC Part 15B VOC way authentication. According to Standard Test Method for ANSI C63.4: 2014. Further, the new lamps FCC testing standards being drafted ANSI C63.29: ANSI-ASC C63-Electromagnetic Compatibility standards development committee has a project to develop measurement procedures for lighting devices (C63.29). After the formation of the official version, the lamp will have a separate test.
RF LED lamp includes two test items: AC power port conducted and radiated emissions testing requirements were based on FCC Part 15.107 and 15.109.
It should be noted that the requirements for radiated emission testing frequency caps, in accordance with 15.33 (b) regulations, if the product is less than the maximum operating frequency of 1.705 MHz, the radiated emission limit test frequency is 30MHz.
However, according to the requirements of this KDB file, regardless of the RF LED lamp is less than the maximum operating frequency of 1.705MHz, test frequency capping radiation emitted are 1GHz. Put another way, that needs to be done 30MHz-1GHz radiated emission tests.

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