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India LED lighting market opportunities, how much?

India, an ancient magical kingdom, meandering flow of the Ganges water, raising the 1.3 billion population. Demographic dividend brings strong domestic demand and active manufacturing, it has become one of the world's fastest growing economies in the country. And impressive economic growth in stark contrast to the country's infrastructure is still very weak, light kerosene lamps still in use on more than 80 million population, and 70 percent of the road has not been set up lights. Plus the mysterious and complex Indian religion and culture, is really an incredible country.
Or India will become the largest LED lighting systems market
The global economy is still in the doldrums, the rapid growth of India's economy is quite rosy. As a high-potential emerging markets, it has attracted many of the world's leading manufacturers started to attack, and as the next production base. Giant international lighting OSRAM, PHILIPS have set up R & D centers or manufacturing plants in India. According to foreign media, "Times of India" reported that, thanks to the Modi Government's UJALA plan that plans for all replaced with energy efficient light bulbs inefficient, India is expected to emerge as the largest LED lighting systems market.
The huge domestic demand and energy-saving projects, keeping Indian LED lighting market is rapid growth momentum, market size in 2015 reached $ 924 million, the study noted that in 2016 LED lighting market reached 1.14 billion dollars, an annual growth of 47.1%. Estimated in 2020 it will rise to $ 1.715 billion.
Foreign research institutions TechSci said that in the foreseeable future, perhaps 3--5 years, India will achieve local manufacturing LED lighting source (China, Taiwan, and other enterprises to set up factories in India also included local manufacturing), the importing country by the turn for the exporting countries, leading to a small profit on China's lED lighting products in the will be further squeezed. Foreseeable future, India is likely to become China's largest lighting products competing nations.
India LED lighting exported to India Data Analysis
Spring Plumbing ducks, China LED lighting lighting businesses already see the potential of the Indian market and export scale has occupied the market surge. China Customs Data from that, 2011--2015, China's LED lighting products to India's total export growth has been in a state of rapid growth. 2015 China total exports of India LED lighting products for $ 200 million, representing an increase of 42.1% over the same period in 2014. And the data show that from January to December 2015, India LED lighting products in importing countries, with China accounting for 75.4% of imports in the first row.
The export volume and unit price analysis, China's LED lighting products exported to India presents the amount or price reduction phenomenon. 2015 China exported to India LED lighting products number of 85,160,000 (pieces \ only \ sets), compared with 2014 year increase of 94.6%, priced at $ 1.7 / month (member \ only \ sets) decrease compared with 2014, about 23.7%.
Protection policy frequent cake market is still large
It is understood that, in order to indirectly protect domestic manufacturing industry, since 2000, the Bureau of Indian Standards in the preparations for the certification program, to restrict imports of LED products. From the beginning of the end of 2015, when the Indian government mandated import some goods from China or other countries, some of the merchandise import and export declarations required by the BIS certification, these products include LED lighting products and a few other electronic products. In addition, India's Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has introduced energy efficiency rating logo, according to the BEE program launched in early July, before the end of December 2016, the Indian LED manufacturers can use it to develop a voluntary energy efficiency labeling. Thereafter, the Government will require manufacturers to mandatory labeling on LED products in the energy efficiency labeling.
In addition to the protection policy, the Indian government is making great efforts to support local enterprises, government procurement case would amount to provide 5 percent of the local LED lighting related products manufacturers, the future market share of local manufacturers will be improved. To some extent, will reduce the dependence on China LED lighting products. But India LED lighting market in the early growth stage, local supply chain is not complete, such as LED chips and LED packaging all depend on the situation on the lack of imports midstream industry chain is difficult to change in a short time, therefore, for the present, China LED lighting manufacturers to He said still very promising.

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