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Analysis of LED street lamp power supply works

LED street lamp power is to determine the LED lights drive, here we come to find out what is LED street lamp power!
LED street lamp power selection (LED street lamp power type) the correct choice for the mechanical equipment electronic control system is running is essential. In the choice of LED street lamp power (LED lights power knowledge), we have to consider the factors and points are many. So, in the LED lamp power selection process, we have to consider those aspects? Many people may not understand. In view of this, Xiao Bian collect information through the collection, the choice of LED street lamp power supply considerations and selection points were summarized in detail.
LED street lamp power supply selection principle (LED street lamp power supply purchase)
First of all, according to the type of machinery and equipment, load torque characteristics, speed range, static speed accuracy, starting torque and the use of environmental requirements, and then decide which control mode and protective structure of the most suitable LED street lamp power. The so-called combination is to meet the actual process of mechanical equipment production requirements and the premise of the use of occasions, to achieve the best LED street lamp power application cost.
LED street lamp power supply need to consider the choice of factors
In the choice of LED street lamp power speed, the need to process requirements, cost-effective, payback period and other aspects of consideration.If only from the process requirements, cost-effective considerations, the following selection of several cases of frequency control is more favorable:
According to the technological requirement, the production line or single equipment needs to adjust the motor speed according to the procedure or according to the request.For example: The packing machine transmits the system, according to the different product, needs to change the system transmission speed, uses the frequency conversion velocity modulation to enable the speed control system organization Simple, accurate control, and easy to implement program control.
Such as: machine tools, not only can save complex gearbox, but also racing to meet the program control requirements.
For example: the boiler on the water pump, blower, induced draft fan to implement the frequency control, not only eliminates the need for servo amplifier, electric manipulator, motor control, and so on, so that the fan, Electric actuator and water supply valve (or wind shield), and makes the boiler boiler control system has been a rapid dynamic response, high control accuracy and stability.
LED street lamp power supply selection points
The first point. According to the load characteristics of the appropriate control mode LED street lamp power supply
Now on the market a wide range of LED street lamp power supply, the function is also increasingly powerful, LED street lamp power performance is increasingly becoming a decisive factor in the pros and cons of speed performance, in addition to LED lamp power manufacturing process itself "congenital" conditions, LED street lamp power supply using what kind of control is also very important. The following table summarizes the various LED street lamp in recent years, the power control mode performance characteristics.
In summary, induction motor variable frequency control using different control methods, you can get different performance characteristics of the speed characteristics.
Second, according to the installation environment to select the LED street lamp power protection structure
LED street lamp power protection structure to adapt to its installation environment, which should consider the ambient temperature, humidity, dust, pH, corrosive gases and other factors, which is LED street lamp power long-term, safe and reliable operation of a significant relationship.

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