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Ice and snow to grow vegetables

Alaska Arctic Circle look at the coastal hub of the town of Ke Tse cloth, almost do not see the tree. In the town of the inhabitants of the town of Inupia, even the summer temperatures are so low that plants can not take root.
The Arctic Vegetables, an affiliate of the local Aboriginal company NKI, planted cabbage, lettuce and basil with vegetables and vegetables in a 40-foot insulated container using LED lights and hydroponics. In this population of about 3,300 people Community.
NKI President Anderson said: "We are learning, we are not a farming culture of society." Local food culture to hunting and collection oriented. This challenge is a pioneering initiative in the north of the Arctic Circle (the Arctic Circle), with the goal of working with other rural towns away from highways, where fruits and vegetables may take up to a week to arrive and are neither expensive nor new.
The container is worth your water
While other methods are available to extend the time available for plant growth, indoor hydroponic technology allows crops to grow all year round. "Our vision is to find a long - range solution to the food shortage problem in the far north, and hopefully the system will work in any place," says Bocage, founder of the "Vertical Harvesting Hydroponics" for indoor hydroponic space.
However, the establishment of a set of indoor hydroponic system is not cheap, in Ketzebu from 200,000 US dollars (about 6.33 million yuan) take-off, including the cost of custom containers, as well as 550 miles from the southeast of the Ankela governance C- 130 transport aircraft transported to the cost. The town of Kotzebao relies heavily on expensive diesel power generation and can also affect the profitability of hydroponics. Still, hydroponics are worth doing. "Hydroponics is not the only solution, but it's definitely a good way," says Alaska's market-access and food safety manager, Johan Hero.
Hydroponic dishes are popular
Alaska Business, which has several stores in remote areas of Alaska, has started selling Arctic Vegetables in the town of Cottbo, and will expand into other stores. "The goods are great, and the customers love it," said the company 's general manager, Pickett.
Lisa Yadin, a regular visitor to Arctic vegetables, said: "This vegetable is much better and tastes as fresh as if it had just been pulled from the garden.

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