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Montreal, Canada, 132,000 lights or will be transformed into LED lights

With the rapid development of LED lighting, more and more cities to replace their street lighting LED lighting products. It is reported that Montreal, Canada, the city government will be its 132,000 street lamps replace the LED light source products to make a decision.
The City of Montreal has plans to replace incandescent bulbs with cheaper, more energy-efficient LED lighting products (4000K-based). However, taking into account the high color temperature may bring health problems, the city people opposed to this. Many people like Toronto and Chicago 3000K light source products.
Montreal Mayor said that despite the city government has not yet made a decision, but now give up the 4000K voice is high.
It is reported that once the use of which color temperature-based products, the city of Montreal may be large-scale project tender. Interested businesses may be interested in Montreal's government-related websites.

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