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Shenzhen introduced a special plan to promote urban green lighting lighting development

In addition to the "Shenzhen Blue", Shenzhen's night lighting is also really impressive. In order to meet the needs of the development of urban planning and lighting construction, and promote urban lighting to the green low-carbon, eco-environmental protection and sustainable development, recently, the Urban Management Bureau issued "Shenzhen City Lighting Special Plan" (2013-2020) Called "planning"), will be "Pioneer City Guangrun Pengcheng" for the lighting development goals, to create a leading domestic and world-class city of Shanhai night, in the space landscape on the formation of "three-axis four nuclear five Bay six" Of the integrated structure, in the road lighting on the formation of "five horizontal eight vertical" main grid of the overall structure.
The main contents of the plan include the overall structure, zoning planning, night tourism planning, green lighting and the recent focus of urban lighting construction. In the lighting area planning, the district (New) to locate, such as the atmosphere Fukuda, colorful Luohu, wisdom Nanshan, Shanhai Yantian and so on. In the night tourism planning, through the city focus on the night landscape area, landmarks and nodes in series, and gradually form a "first-line three-ring" night sightseeing tour. In the city focus on the formation of a number of night landscape landscape area night sightseeing tour line. Long-term combination of Shenzhen coastal features, planning to create "Shenzhen Bay Area - Shekou - the former Bay Area" Western urban landscape night view.

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