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Will the blue light of the LED light damage the eyes?

Incandescent lamp away, LED lights on the bit. LED lights on the existence of all kinds of "harm" to say, from time to time on the network, friends circle thrown: damage the retina, great impact on the eyes ... ... really?
Your friends circle whether there is such an article - "LED blue light will damage the retina," "LED blue light on the great impact of the eye," "opened the blue blue behind the secret" ... ... has been eliminated for the incandescent lamp, all home dress On the LED light source of consumers, looked at these undoubtedly a little blind circle.
LED light blue if the eye is harmful, later can be used? With the popularity of LED light source, a similar topic must have an authoritative interpretation.
According to statistics, the global LED lighting market scale from about $ 5 billion in 2011 to about 20.4 billion US dollars in 2015, the average annual compound growth rate of more than 40%. With the global energy crisis intensified, residents awareness of environmental protection and LED lighting technology advances and cost reduction is expected in the next few years LED lighting industry will continue to maintain rapid growth rate, by 2020, the global LED lighting market size will More than 70 billion US dollars, 2015-2020 annual compound growth rate close to 30%.
With the last year in October China out of incandescent plan into the final time, LED light source is also becoming the mainstream market products. February 9, in Beijing Shili River near the lighting city, LED light source to become the absolute mainstream, and even some students with the learning lamp product packaging directly read "no blue" words. "Why do you want to write 'no Blu-ray'? Blu-ray harmful to the eyes?" Facing the reporter's question, the store quickly explained: "Some people say that LED blue light on the eyes harmful, but in fact, as long as qualified products, Blu-ray radiation brightness are In a reasonable range, will not have much damage to the eyes. "Most consumers passive choice
Although the "LED blue light on the eyes of harmful" remarks have been spread on the Internet, but for most non-professional consumers, even if some products know that harmful, do not know how to buy when the election to qualified products. "So I can not buy too cheap, the choice is also a big brand." Consumers Chen Xiaomin told reporters. And "spectrum" "luminous flux" of such professional vocabulary is to let consumers puzzled.
So, is not the product can be published by the parameters of Blu-ray content? Store staff told reporters that only from the product published "voltage and frequency" is unable to calculate whether the excessive blue light, because the voltage and frequency is the electrical indicators, Blue light is an optical indicator. And it claims that the "luminous flux" is an optical indicator, but only the total luminous flux of white light, rather than blue light flux, so the average consumer is difficult to determine whether this light is too blue light. "Most consumers come, or directly need to what brand, what specifications, and directly took away the real 'really true' really not much." The staff told reporters. Indoor LED light source color temperature should not exceed 4000K
In fact, the blue light hazards and "blue-green" lighting effects are not LED lighting products only, before some of the metal halide lamps and some fluorescent lamps already exist.
China Illuminating Arts Association vice chairman of the special committee An Lan Po told reporters to distinguish between the blue light hazards and "blue-green" lighting affect the people of the Secretary of the rhythm of these two different situations, Blu-ray hazards refers to when the blue radiance To achieve the standard provisions of the class 2 or 3, will be in a shorter time or moment on the human eye damage, it is based on the standard is GB / T20145-2006 / CIES009 / E: 2002, based on the decision is CTL- 0744_2009-laser resolution. And "rich blue" lighting on the physiological impact of people is moisturizing silence and to go through a few months or even years will obviously affect the people of the Secretary of the rhythm, this is the forefront of the world's scientific research Subject, there are more research reports, but there is no corresponding assessment criteria.
Under normal circumstances, the indoor can only use Blu-ray hazard classification in 1 category and below LED lighting products. In order to avoid the use of high color temperature blue LED lighting products on the human health may have adverse effects, indoor LED lighting products should not exceed the color temperature of 4000K, the general color rendering index should reach 80 or more. Indoor lighting should avoid the use of color temperature 5000K and above LED lighting products. An Lan Po also said that the blue light is an important part of the composition of white light, so under normal circumstances to filter out the blue light is one-sided, according to the human physician Chen rhythm selection of light composition and quality, is correct.
For people with special populations (people affected by diabetes and photosensitizers) or may be in a special position (such as infants and young children) can look directly at the situation of LED lights, you should use non-hazardous LED lighting products.
Because the infants and young eyes are delicate, can not filter the blue light, and diabetes after years of development, have retinopathy, retinal light damage caused by the value of a significant decline in blue light on its vision greater impact.

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