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Laser lighting will affect the trillions of industries

"Laser lighting technology is a world-class, subversive new generation of lighting technology, the impact and drive the industry will reach the scale of the scale." National "thousands of people plan" experts, Shenzhen Zhongguang Industrial Technology Research Institute, Dr. Li Yi Through the matchmaking, the Nakamura repair two laser lighting laboratory into Shenzhen, means that Shenzhen in the field of laser lighting among the world has taken a substantial step forward. In the future, this laboratory, led by Nobel Prize winner, will play the role of "brain" and "think tank" in the process of laser lighting industrialization and become a "treasure trove" of technology and talent.
Laser lighting will replace LED
December 13, 2016, Shenzhen Zhongguang Industrial Technology Research Institute and Nakamura repair two laser lighting laboratory in Shenzhen Nanshan District officially unveiled. This is a laser lighting and other industrial technology research, is committed to the industrialization of technology private non-enterprise units. Nobel Prize in Physics, Blu-ray LED and blue laser inventor Professor Nakamura Shuji served as laboratory director, responsible for the laboratory led the formation and follow-up operations.
In the eyes of many experts, laser lighting will be the lighting industry's next outlet. "Blue Father" Nakamura repair two has publicly stated: the next 10 years, laser lighting will replace the LED lighting.
Laser lighting efficiency is thousands of times on the LED, not only can increase the projection distance, improve safety, while its smaller, more compact structure. In addition to lighting, laser display in the projector, digital cinema, TV, stage lights, large screen splicing, automotive and other fields, will have a wide range of applications.
The industrialization of scientific research results, it produces economic value and social value, is one of the original intention of the laboratory. And decided to introduce Professor Nakamura and his team, not only is the value of its top scientific research capabilities, as well as outstanding technological transformation capacity.
"Professor Nakamura has long been in the enterprise, leading enterprise technology research and development, also founded his own company.He applied the technology and industrialization has a personal experience.This research and practitioners background is the city government and partners appreciated. "Li Yi said that although the laser lighting is still in the embryonic stage of technology, the industry chain is not mature, technically also faces many problems. But Nakamura laboratory output of cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, applied in Shenzhen this important semiconductor industry gathered on the ground, "will have a huge industrial effect."
The lab will be the industry "brain"
To promote the industrialization of laser lighting cut into the entrance, will be locked in the car lighting headlights. "Halogen lamp is very energy, LED light brightness is not ideal, both energy saving and brightness of the laser will be the best choice." Li Yi said that once the laser production costs, laser headlamps will quickly dominate the automotive lighting market The
Nakamura laboratory to create, will accelerate the laser lighting as the representative of a new generation of lighting technology industry in Shenzhen incubation, Shenzhen is expected to become the field of international laser lighting innovation leader.
Nakamura repair two laser lighting laboratory core team led by Professor Nakamura personally, including the United States National Academy of Engineering (NAE) academician Steven Deng Baz, including many from the United States Silicon Valley and other places of scientific research backbone, and attract a large number of local high-end research and development Personnel to join, the formation of a strong international R & D team. Laboratory and the United States, Britain, Russia, Japan and other countries and regions, universities, research institutions to establish a wide range of cooperative relations.
Li Yi said that the next three to five years, the Institute (laboratory) plans to introduce 50 to 100 optical, electronics, materials, physics, mechanical design, precision manufacturing and other disciplines and professional personnel, supporting the development of human resources Resource supply, while doing a good job of industrial talent reserves and training.
"Extensive absorption, the introduction of cutting-edge talent, the laboratory built an international influence of high-end R & D personnel training base and technology research base to promote laser lighting and other industrial technology applications and development and production and research cooperation, and then for the Shenzhen laser lighting industry Intellectual support. "Li Yi described the laboratory's vision.

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