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British Institute of Engineering and Technology released the Code, LED lighting systems

All along, the high price makes a lot of energy saving will of the American consumer LED bulbs prohibitive. Now with the industry giants have to relent on the price situation will gradually get better, but it also means that the United States market LED bulb price war broke out again. 
American Career Company on Wednesday launched a price of $ 19.97, equivalent to 100W LED bulbs new products. The brightness is a lot of choice for home lighting, so this type of bulb market has always been the focus of attention. 
Cree is the last year before entering the consumer market, a small number of LED bulbs LED chip leader. Just one year, the price of the company through the sale of Home Depot bulb products fell by 23%. For example, where an equivalent to 60W LED bulbs, the price fell from $ 12.97 to $ 9.97. "We want to make the price more close to the people." Mike Watson Cree senior director of marketing and product applications, said. 
At the same time, another giant Philips lighting market is also eager. Monday Philips released a price of $ 9.97 is equivalent to 60W LED bulbs. Otherwise equivalent to 100W bulb price $ 24.97. The company said all Philips bulbs have been given the U.S. government enacted the Energy Star certification, buyers can thus get a rebate. (Cree claims that its equivalent to 75W and 100W bulbs are still subject to audit by Energy Star) 
In the melee, while giants, market newcomers are ready to join the fray. Headquartered in San Jose, California, said its emerging businesses Switch equivalent to 40W and 60W LED bulbs are now on sale $ 11.99, and the company is expected to sell at low prices this year is equivalent to 75W and 100W products. 
According to market research firm Strategies Unlimited estimates that in 2013 the global LED bulb A19 specifications (ie, the application of the specifications for the replacement bulb 100 W incandescent) revenues amounted to only $ 1 billion. In a wave of price war, to 2018 this figure will expand to $ 5.2 billion. 
"Price is the only stumbling block for household consumers." Strategies Unlimited market analyst Philip Smallwood said. "Cree and other companies cut prices so dramatically would effectively promote the LED bulb replacement tide."

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