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What is the price increase?

2016 home industry, "price tide", can be described as a move and move the body, in addition to the major home manufacturers miserable, and even has spread to the dealer, a number of home agents frankly, in recent months to more than one The brand in the terminal are out of stock, out of stock phenomenon, the reason most of the environmental protection and cartons, stainless steel supply shortage, building materials, furniture, kitchen kitchen ... it is difficult to return to the previous price.
For the crazy rise in building materials, home prices, a dealer said that the year when the manufacturers issued a notice of price increases, for 2017 all ex-factory price of household products rose 10%. 12 months just mentioned the goods, and now some stocks, you can support to March, but after all the home products must be price increases, after all, we also do small business ah
Under the influence of multiple factors, this year's home prices rose ahead, resulting in a lot of market panic. However, how to correctly view the home building prices, out of stock phenomenon, it is worth every relevant person to think.
Foshan, a home manufacturers, said: In the long run, prices is the inevitable trend of industrial development, the rise in market costs determine the domestic industry-related prices rise. In recent years, the state has always attached great importance to environmental protection, and the 'green wind' rectification is part of the operation of non-standard enterprises, from the market's long-term development point of view, the environmental protection will be the environmental protection Unqualified enterprises to remove the industry, is also a sign of industry reshuffle.
Another dealer revealed that the future trend of home prices, but also how to refer to stainless steel, cardboard boxes, tempered glass, wood and other raw material prices, as now can not buy the first five dollars a pound of pork, building materials, kitchen, bathroom, furniture And hardware is hard to return to the previous price.
Environmental protection failed to be closed
Hubei Province, a home brand agents Mr. Lee recently very anxious. The last two months, Mr. Lee agent of a home brand frequently out of stock, or even once out of stock phenomenon. The reason is that the country to carry out environmental protection work, a large number of illegal operation and cause environmental pollution of the furniture factory, bathroom factory, hardware factory, cut off!
The history of the most stringent environmental protection tide, many home business escape escape!
Relevant data show that as of December 27, Guangdong has been around 4205 enterprises ordered rectification, filing 2341 enterprises, the amount of 742.22 million yuan to be punished. Stainless steel shut down, polishing shut down, scrub shut down, metal manufacturing shut down ... ... anyway, and home processing related to the procedures are not perfect, check the unqualified, all shut down! And many home business escape escape.
Carton not only price increases, but also a serious shortage of goods
In fact, since the implementation of the country's supply side reform, and increase environmental management efforts, the paper industry will face problems such as out of stock. In 2015, the national elimination of backward and surplus paper production capacity of 1.67 million tons, of which Guangdong Province shut down 20 paper mills, out of paper production capacity of up to 796,000 tons, ranked first in the country.
Packaging "innocent" was reported, carton industry "special care"
To September this year, due to the previous inventory consumption and environmental regulation, a serious shortage of paper supply. Coupled with the G20 summit in September this year, the state has developed for the national scale of paper mills, especially several large listed companies forced to cut four or half of the policy, exacerbated the carton out of stock.
By the end of October, some paper mills can not even meet the existing orders, Dongguan, Huizhou, Ma On Shan, Suqian, Nantong and other parts of the country nearly 100 cardboard mills, recently issued a stop orders or corrugated prices announcement.
Raw material prices are the most important reason for rising home prices
Guangdong, Hubei, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Gansu, Hebei and other places encountered the most stringent environmental protection. The number of papermaking, printing and dyeing, cement, mining enterprises have been severely punished, a number of stainless steel plants, paper mills, timber processing plants, aluminum processing plant shut down, inevitably lead to tight supply of raw materials. In addition, the implementation of national environmental regulation and control, means that enterprises in the environmental operation of the increase in costs, boosted the raw material prices.
In addition, September 1 issued by the Ministry of Transport, "the history of the most stringent limit order," the "overrun transport vehicles driving road management regulations," the formal implementation of the domestic industry to rely on "overload" compression costs of the unspoken rules were all broken, Up 33.6%, which is an important reason for home prices.

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