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There is no demand for products, commercial lighting how?

In the increasingly competitive LED lighting application market, if someone said, "Come, there is a large piece of cheese, no one moving!" It is estimated that not many people believe, but do not believe does not mean that does not exist. In fact, in the field of LED lighting, there is a huge demand for emerging markets, is the intelligent commercial display lighting.
Intelligent is all walks of life in today's hot topic, intelligent lighting has become the LED lighting industry chasing the development direction. Many LED lighting companies are pre-emptive, and achieved good results.
Interesting things happened, smart lighting for so long, and now look back, actually the vast majority is used in the home, office lighting, is in space (floodlight) on a smart lighting, and indoor LED lighting Of the other half of the country - commercial lighting seems to be intelligent cold.
First, intelligent business display lighting huge market demand.
It is reasonable to say that commercial lighting is used to show the effect of goods, directly produce commercial value, commercial lighting than home office lighting has a higher premium, there is no reason not to be taken seriously. Commercial lighting intelligent Why is it behind? Do business show lighting on smart lighting is no demand?
NO! NO! NO! The actual situation is this:
All year round, hot and cold winter. As an important medium to create a comfortable environment for the shop - lighting, should meet the laws of nature, the corresponding changes, people feel summer is not so hot, warmer winter.
Hot summer, shop lighting is generally controlled at 3200K ~ 3500K
Cold winter, shop lighting is generally controlled at 2700K ~ 3000K
If the season, climate, external light environment changes can be ignored, then look at the following scenarios to clothing shop lighting as an example.
Winter clothing and summer clothing, there are different needs for light color.
Summer floral clothing, light exposure light at 3500K;
Winter dark suit, illuminated light light color at 2900K;
Different styles of clothing in the same season, the same light on the different needs.
Summer yellow clothing, light exposure light at 3000K;
Summer blue clothing, light exposure light at 3300K;
In fact, not only clothing, furniture, jewelry, ceramics and other commodities is also true Not only shops, exhibitions and other places are also the case. As long as the light under the items will be replaced, it will have a different demand for lighting. How many lamps and lanterns, according to the same commodity all year round? How many businesses are willing to show the best results for frequent replacement of lamps it?
See here, I believe we understand that the commercial display of intelligent lighting in fact has an urgent and huge demand, not the future, but now. If I say that commercial lighting is not an ordinary business license to supplement, but instead, I do not know how many readers will now agree.
Intelligent commercial lighting can achieve intelligent control of light
Of course, intelligent commercial lighting is not just dimming, according to changes in the shape of the object to achieve light beam angle and spot shape of the corresponding adjustment is also an important content.
Second, there is no demand for products, commercial lighting, where the bottleneck of intelligence?
The next section of the analysis, intelligent commercial lighting products have a huge market demand, and the reality is embarrassing, LED commercial lighting applications, intelligent lighting and even simple palette lamps and very few, why? Because of the cost of the price High?
In fact, the business needs of high-end consumer power can not be underestimated, coupled with the city without the supply and demand situation, far from intelligent commercial lighting to the price of the price point. The key point of this phenomenon is to meet the technical bottleneck. It is because the commercial lighting in the intelligent application of technology bottlenecks, it is difficult to break through, which led to a demand but no products, but also because of this, it was accumulated into a seductive and few people eat the cheese.
Intelligent LED commercial lighting by the identification of sensors, control circuit (power), COB light source (dimming color), optical devices, lamp shell structure (radiator), control interface composed of six parts.
Compared with the smart home lighting, parts of the name of the same, but the application requirements are not at the same starting line. Compared to the floodlight intelligent home lighting, intelligent commercial display lighting (focus lighting) on ​​the light of the light, light, illumination, color requirements and sensor sensor identification accuracy requirements are too high, relatively speaking, the other components are now mature Of technology and products. Therefore, to meet the requirements of commercial applications of colorable COB light source and high-precision identification of the sensor has become a business intelligence bottlenecks. Sensor identification sensor is relatively independent, I hope the future have the opportunity to talk about another narrative, this text temporarily.
Third, the color can be color COB light will become a smart business block it?
Colored COB light source is usually composed of two or more different color chip lines, respectively, control the two groups of color brightness ratio, through the mixing to achieve the entire COB light source color changes, the technical difficulty is mixed light effect. Early similar structure of the COB light source a lot, but far from commercial lighting requirements and can not be applied.
Commercial lighting, intelligent, more features, practical strong, but there is a basic point, that is, the effect can not be poor irradiation. In other words, the effect of color mixing out of light can not be worse than the monochrome temperature effect, such as 3500K. Otherwise, the business intelligence is only the air castle, on paper.
A domestic brand of colorable COB light source, in the mixed light 3500K,
Compared with the monochromatic COB light source, the light color coordinates have a large deviation.
The colorable COB light source line is complicated, the light area is large, and the color range is wide. From the technical point of view, after mixing, in order to achieve monochrome temperature COB light color uniformity, consistency, light color quality and center light intensity has a high technical threshold.
At present, Japan Sharp (SHARP), Citizen (CITIZEN), Toyo (TOYONIA) have launched their own color COB light source products. Sharp and Citizen applied a red light technology, light color quality and consistency, mixed light uniformity and lumen density slightly worse. Toyo uses the latest CSC blending technology, the overall performance is relatively good. There are many domestic packaging enterprises to launch a different structure of the color COB light source products, light color quality and mixed light aspects yet to be improved.
With the launch of the brand of light color COB products and the continuous progress of domestic packaging technology, hinder the business of intelligent light source technology bottlenecks about to break, share the smart business show lighting this huge cheese has come, you ready The

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