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Implementation of the mandatory standards for generic lamps in the EU

The new EU General Lighting Standard EN60598-1: 2015 will be held on October 20, 2017 and the transition period will be enforced. This version is more technical than the previous EN60598-1: 2008, including some important technical changes, One of the biggest changes is the inclusion of photobiological safety for the first time in a mandatory standard. Standards, if the use of including LED, metal halide lamps and some special halogen lamps can not be exempted from the retina hazard assessment of the light source of the lamp should be based on IEC / TR62778: 2012 "light source and light of the photobiological safety Blu-ray damage assessment application ", And should not use the Blu-ray hazard group is greater than the RG2 light source. In 2016, for example, China's LED lighting exports to the EU value of up to more than 20 billion dollars. Once the product quality does not meet the standard requirements, the EU market sampling and notification, will be withdrawn or destroyed and other severe penalties, so that enterprises suffered economic losses, and even included in the blacklist. Therefore, for the standard version, involving the majority of export enterprises should raise awareness, and pay close attention to the relevant response.
The impact of blue light on the human eye
Natural light consists of a variety of different colors of the spectrum, different wavelengths in the visual show is a different color. Physical studies have shown that the shorter the wavelength, the higher the energy, the stronger the penetration. Therefore, people will pay special attention to the short wavelength of blue light on the human eye hazards. According to industry insiders, blue light may cause three aspects of the human eye: First, the high content of Blu-ray may cause visual fatigue increased; Second, the physiological development of the eye may have an impact; Third, long-term in such light environment Operation, old age induced by the possibility of human macular degeneration will increase. Therefore, for the protection of domestic consumers personal safety considerations, while the effective prevention of Blu-ray hazards, the EU took the lead in light biosafety to a mandatory standard height, is expected to other countries and regions will gradually follow suit to be implemented.
Light biosafety specific requirements
The new version of the standard involved in photobiological requirements are mainly reflected in the following two aspects: First, increase the chapter 3.2.23 Do not look at the light source logo; the second is to increase the chapter 4.24 light biosecurity. Requirements for photobiological safety include radiation intensity, radiation brightness, etc., and hazard classification of products based on test data, including hazard class 0 (RG0 exemption level), Class 1 hazard (RG1 low risk), Class 2 hazard (RG2 ) And 3 categories of risk (RG3 high risk) a total of four levels. In addition, the new version of the standard also introduced IEC / TR62778: 2012 "light source and lighting of light biosafety Blu-ray damage assessment application", specifically for the retinal blue light hazards were as follows:
Lamps are protected from RG0 unrestricted or RG1 unrestricted light sources or lamps used after complete assembly for RG0 unrestricted or RG1 unrestricted, blue light hazard does not apply;
For fixed fixtures, the distance Xm between the boundaries of the lamps RG2 and RG1 shall be determined in accordance with the additional evaluation of IEC / TR62778 and shall be marked and stated;
More than 1 type of dangerous moving fixtures and hand-held lamps need to be marked "Do not stare at light source".
To this end, the inspection and quarantine departments to remind the export to the EU-related lighting manufacturers: First, to organize technical staff to study the new standard standards, seize the advantages of starting, as soon as possible to master new changes, in particular, the importance of the first light biosafety Claim. Second, to modify or design products meet the requirements of the new standards, and as soon as possible with qualified third-party laboratories to do a good job of product testing and testing, before export to obtain a valid certificate, before the end of the EU transition period Be prepared to deal with it. Third, in the actual production to grasp the quality of the entire process of control, to ensure that the quality of each batch of goods in line with the requirements of the importing country, to avoid the quality of defects leading to product exports blocked.

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