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2017 Milan show Italy FLOS lamps new bright bloom

Every year in April, the eyes of the world must focus on time "design capital" - Milan. The whole city of Milan will be caught in the whole people to see the design boom, the Fermentation Center from the Milan International Exhibition Center, spread to the streets of the city - even if you are not a designer, it must also Milan design week view of the road. And Sina home reported that one of the experts group Shi Ji Jia International also in the Milan Furniture Fair on the first day, sent back to its official agent Flos brand Milan exhibition exhibitors new information! Follow us to see fast!

Italy FLOS lamps, the highest brand of modern interior lighting, founded in 1962, the family business. The name of the company in Latin meaning "flower", flower and grass is a natural wizard, Flos designers in nature to find inspiration, to create elegant shapes and beautiful lines.

Flos uphold the improvement of people's lives for the purpose, illuminating the dream of several generations. They believe in intuition: around the light and light, you can continue to create a new and innovative works, the new language and new ideas woven together, painted into a new chapter in the life of aesthetics and freedom.

Company philosophy, designed for the students. There may be a lot of interior designers who do not know the company. But you must have used their products.
FLOS rarely out of new products every year, but a shot must cause the industry to cheer. Because there are many well-known international designers to work with them, the materials used are top.
Their lamps have experienced decades of time, still bright spring, did not follow the passage of time and lost Guanghua, still proved for us, the classic is the classic, I was my FLOS --- for the design and students.
This is Flos, the balance between art and design, craft and industry, limited build and mass production, personal ideas and the imagination of the crowd, always standing at the critical point of the collision.


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