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Lit only salt and water portable LED can be stored for ten years for about 80 hours

Japan Maxell recently launched a "MIZUSION" LED lights, the biggest feature is just add water and salt can be lit, no need to charge and use the battery.
Although in the case of dangerous flashlight can be used as lighting, but note that most of these torches need to rely on battery-driven, due to limited battery life, it can not be a long time lighting. Fortunately, MIZUSION is to solve this problem, one need not use the battery, only need to add salt and water that produced 2000lm brightness, followed by each can be used for about 80 hours, plus portable lamp design a wider range of lighting, For the dark environment to find exports, etc. will certainly be more help.
MIZUSION LED lights light only salt and water
So why only need to add salt and water can drive to MIZUSION? In fact, there is a lamp made of magnesium "energy bar", once poured into salt and water, then the salt will become electrolyte to generate electricity. In addition, the official claims that the energy bar can be stored for up to ten years, and can be purchased independently to prepare for contingencies.

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