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What are the pitfalls that general lighting should avoid when upgrading to LED?

Compared with the traditional lighting system, upgrade to LED lighting can save nearly 50% of the energy consumption. It is not surprising that such a big savings, consumers quickly turn to the LED, which is not surprising. When you have the option to save money and energy, when you have a product for the transformation of existing traditional lighting fixtures, this conversion is no more natural.
However, before deciding to upgrade the lighting system, you should first understand some things. Because in this process, is likely to encounter some traps. Before you buy LED bulbs, you should understand your requirements and avoid these pitfalls. Before the upgrade, several important factors should be considered. The following are some of what you should know:
Brightness is the most basic factor in replacing the lamp. Most LED packages have a bunch of identification numbers. For new consumers, this may be a bit confusing when choosing the right light bulb. You should pay attention to the packaging on the light output. Sometimes, the light output data will differ from its actual light values, so make sure you know what you want to find before buying. Learn about lumen conversion.
When you want to replace the LED lights, the luminous color is also very worthy of attention. Very often, buyers will fall into the "gentle trap", only choose: warm white. But things are not that simple, you have to read it carefully. In fact, warm white from the academic point of view the color of light yellow, people look more warm, so it is warm white. Therefore, the warm white LED light color value is 3000K or less, so can not rely on the box on the "warm white" to buy.
LED light bulb factors for those who are not familiar with the design of the consumer may be a bit confusing. The LED is made of metal or plastic housing with a fixed cover. This kind of shell helps to distribute the heat generated. However, this shell also prevents the light from emitting more completely because the light can not be fired backwards. So, for example, if you have a set of lamps, the light bulb is pointing to the ceiling, then the light emitted down will be less, so the space will be dim. It is for this reason that you should know the exact requirements and expectations when you use LED bulb lighting space. If you want more light to light back, then choose a pulsible LED bulb to play a more comprehensive role.
Many consumers want to light bulbs, but many people do not understand that not all the LED lights can be dimmed, the same, not all of the dimmable LED lights can use the traditional dimmer to dim. In fact, LED manufacturers do not do with the old dimmer compatible dimmable light. So if you want to dim the LEDs, you may need to purchase advanced dimmable LED lights.
In the final analysis, education is power. Before spending a lot of money out of the lighting system to upgrade to the LED, please know exactly what you need and what you ask for. Once you know, you only need to pay close attention to the details of the packaging, know the product information and occupy the space, and choose the most suitable for your section.

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