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India will replace all traditional street lights for LED lights in East Germany

All traditional street lights and semi-masthead lights under the jurisdiction of East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) will soon be replaced by LED lights. This large-scale project will be 1.2 liters of light into LED lights, East Germany this densely populated area will be brighter. On Thursday, the EDMC Standing Committee approved the LED lighting project, which would save about 78% of electricity bills.
EDMC will maintain street lights and semi-high mast lights on roads less than 60 feet wide. It is also responsible for lighting in parks, markets, gatherings and public places. "We plan to improve the overall efficiency of public lighting through this upgrade," said one official.
The project is very important for EDMC, because in addition to better public lighting, LED lighting project will also ease the EDMC economic tension. "Every year we pay about $ 7 billion in electricity to utilities," said one official, who will pay about $ 77 million in revenue for the private sector that will take on the lighting project.
The private company will bear all the cost of replacing the lights. "EDMC is able to save money even after paying a private company and paying about 20% of the electricity bill," says one official, "because we save money by saving energy."

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