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Japan's powerful force to promote awareness of energy LED lighting popularity

In fact, very high energy-conscious Japan, LED lamp comes early popularity than other countries in the appliance discount stores can also be seen a variety of related merchandise display rack. And in recent years, awareness of energy in Japan is high, especially after the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred more than two years ago, the Government proposed a "low carbon society" (carbon reduction) targets. 
Including LED lighting products at a rapid pace popularity, becoming energy-saving products representative. Recent survey results show that in 2012 the Japanese LED market shot up to 420.4 billion yen (about 25.55 billion yuan), jumped 195 percent over the previous year. Statistics show that in 2013, LED lighting penetration of the Japanese market to reach 54%, will rise six percentage points higher than in 2012. The 2012 full-year, the overall lighting market has been big in Japan than the 2011 doubled. 
Japanese LED lighting subsidies to accelerate product promotion 
The Japanese government expects in 2020, market sales of lighting equipment 100% for the next generation of high-efficiency lighting, in 2030, the use of lighting equipment will be 100% fully replaced with the next generation of high-efficiency lighting (still less than 2%) and this time the target proposed policy implementation schedule. From 2010 to 2015 for the implementation of key policies through research and development, the LED lighting luminous efficiency to 200lm / W; OLED lighting luminous efficiency to 130lm / W, and reduce production costs in order to achieve practical goals. 
In addition, the Japanese government also raised the policy incentives to encourage businesses and people to use LED lighting products. In Japan, the national policy, the proposed energy tax breaks and forcing large companies to switch to the use of energy-saving products, and many local governments also provide local-level energy-efficient products and LED lighting subsidies. The amount of subsidy Japanese cities and counties with the relevant provisions of the launch vary, most of the use of the LED merged in other energy-saving products, subsidy programs share the same way. Such as Tokyo Chiyoda-ku, if the use of LED lighting products meet the standard, you can apply for grants to install one fifth of the amount. 
After each subsidy policy application status enthusiastically, showing the Japanese people have a high degree of interest for energy-saving products. LED lighting popularity not only for the Japanese government to actively promote the goals, or for wishing to enter into the Japanese lighting market industry, the Japanese LED lighting policy also provides clear direction for the future development of LED lighting.

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